School’s Out For Christmas

University of Phoenix Megascreen

University of Phoenix Megascreen (Photo credit: gr8matt)

Yep, my last day of class was this past Monday and I don’t start my next class until 8 Jan 2013.  So I have a 2 week breather from my college courses, THANK YOU dear lord, baby Jesus, wrapped in swaddling clothing.

The class I just finished was Fundamentals of Business Systems Development.  We had a team project for our last week which was submitted on Monday.  Now as of right now I have a 100 in this class and considering the fact that the class prior was Business Systems and I got a C- in it, I’m doing about 400 percent better then what I expected to do in this class.  So hopefully I can keep with the trend and when the final grade is given out at the end of the week it will still be a 100.

Come 8 Jan I will be starting Project Planning & Implementation so we’ll see how well that class goes.  Right now I’m just happy for the break.  I’m taking my classes on-line through University of Phoenix and they are every 5 weeks and there are no breaks between classes, not even one day.  So I have been going non-stop since February.  Still have another year and a half to go before I am done and can say I have my bachelors but it will be worth it in the long run.

So this is your Captain, signing off.  Until next time.


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