Hot For Teacher

hot for teacher

hot for teacher (Photo credit: alandberning)

Okay, let’s be honest.  How many of you have ever had a crush on one of your teachers?  Now I’m not talking college, I’m talking before that, high school, jr. high, middle school, etc.  Raise your hand, the one your not masturbating with.  Now how many of you actually had sex with one of your teachers?  Probably a fewer number there but I bet those who didn’t sure with they had.  I’ll tell you I had a major crush on my 2nd grade teacher and in 11th grade up until she got me suspended for 3 days I wanted to bang my computer teacher and I would have too.

So with all of us who had crushes on our teachers or even the lucky ones who actually got to sleep with them, why is it that some of you (I exclude myself) get so upset when you hear in the news about this teacher being arrested for sleeping with that student.  This student got that teacher pregnant, so on and so on.  Everyone acts like it’s such a vile thing and they would NEVER do something like that when they were a 16 yr old or 17 yr old horny teenager even though you just admitted you would or did.  To me it’s a little hypocritical.

I’ve done a lot of thinking lately, and based on my own personal past, I have always had a strong hatred for child molesters I didn’t care if the teenager consented or not, the adult new better.  Well that hatred hasn’t really changed but my thought process on the teenagers have.  In most states, 16 and consenting is legal.  So if that is the case then why should I be upset that they had sex with their teacher or any adult for that matter?  They made the choice, they said yes, they wanted too, they were in love, lust, whatever.  I can’t say it’s wrong because legally it’s okay.  Because they happen to be their teacher is what makes it not okay because teachers have a law that they can’t sleep with students but the age thing is not a factor.

On top of that, like I already admitted, I had a crush on several teachers myself and if I had the opportunity to sleep with them I would have in a heartbeat.  So do I have a right to be upset about a 16 or 17 yr old sleeping with their teacher?  Living out every kids fantasy?  No I don’t have that right.  So when I hear these stories, I have to just sit back and say “Damn, go kid, you lucky dog” “Too bad you got caught” because if I were 16 or 17 and in that situation and my teacher said she wanted to have sex with me, you know damn well I would have tore that shit up 6-ways to Sunday.

So I say, when we hear these stories on the news maybe we need to step back and think about when we were their age and the teachers we had crushes on before we go condemning them to Hell.  Now don’t take this the wrong way I am still against child molestation and sexual abuse.  Those under 16 even if they did consent and those babies who do not consent but are sexually assaulted by adults should not be tolerated and those sick individuals should be hung from a tree by their balls or tits if its a woman then covered in honey and lowered into an ant pile then tied to a tree under a hornets nest while the nest is knocked down and what other torturous things you can think of.  As for that 16 or 17 yr old student living out his or her fantasy by sleeping with that hot teacher or other adult well kid, I envy you, your doing what I never had the chance to do.


13 thoughts on “Hot For Teacher

  1. ramblingsfromamum

    Yes makes you wonder…doesn’t it 😉 Rades I swear I don’t know how your brain thinks at times lol. In saying that yes I had a crush or 2 on teachers back in High School – just a ‘god he’s hot’.. as far as it far as it ever would go. 🙂

  2. ekisjan

    I think I was eleven years old when I realized I am going to love women for the rest of my life. Our school librarian (bless her soul) never realized how much cleavage she was showing when she bent over to pick up that book.
    Ever since then she was the main attraction in each and every fantasy I had for YEARS after that day.

    Hell, even my high school teachers later in life had NOTHING on that woman. Had I been of legal age and had half a chance to be teacher’s pet? Hell, collar me already!

  3. ngenghou1962

    maybe I’m dumb, didn’t have such fantasies, but as a kid, I was naughty, like to peep under skirts and steal a peep at teachers’ boobs when they bent their bodies forward!

  4. Kitt Crescendo

    Although I’ve done my part to perpetuate the “hot for teacher” fantasy, I’ve never actually BEEN hot for any of my teachers. Then again, most of my male teachers were older…significantly. There were 3 younger teacher types…one who acted like an 18 yr old hormone (total turn off) as I was already in school with plenty of them who were more attractive and in better shape. And the other two would’ve been more into each other than someone like me.

  5. Sex, Spirit, Soul Mates and Chocolate....Ivonne's Journey

    You bring up some really good points here. Most teenage boys would do their teachers…..I think the experinece boys have of sex with teachers is different than the young girls who have been molested. I think the heart of the issue is not so much the age factor but the idea of a person in a postioin of authority using that autority and power in a harmful way. And serioulsy for a young woman to want to have sex with a boy–who can not possibly satisfy her indicates some heavy duty psychological issues going on with the female teacher.


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