Every Rose Has It’s Thorn

Well it’s that time.  That time to talk about what it’s like living with my wife.  Where do I start?  We originally met in Jr. High and though we had all the same friends through high school we never really talked.  I tell her all the time if she had only talked to me I would have asked her out.  But then again, I don’t think it would have mattered, she was always into older men.  How I won her over in 2007, I’ll never know because I am younger than her.  She’s like Anna Nicole Smith, a hot young woman, dating 80 yr olds, which I just don’t get and I like to joke with her about it often.

Anna Nicole Smith

Don’t get me wrong, I love my wife very much, we are soul mates.  I mean, who couldn’t love a wife who is bi-sexual and likes 3-somes right?  I mean that’s like the best of both worlds right there.  This is a women the first time we met 20 yrs after high school, after I kissed her in the parking lot, as soon as we were in the room she was taking my clothes off within seconds.

She is an amazing woman though.  She is a tough woman who has been through a lot.  Unfortunately everything she has been through has given her a short temper.  Has it gotten better over the years we have been together?  Sure it has, with the help of a lot of love and understanding.  She does however live up to the redhead name and when her bi-polar kicks in, watch out.  When she is angry she has no issues with fighting and of course everything becomes my fault in an arguement and like Eddie Murphy’s mother she’s damn good with throwing a shoe.

Now I’ve been working on training her on a few of her other shortcomings but it’s been a long road.  I have blogged about some of them in the past.  Like leaving her clothes and shoes all over the bed or the floor.  I can honestly say I have never met a woman who hated cleaning and worse could be standing right next to a clothes basket and drop her clothes on the floor.  Then there is this annoying habit of taking a glass to bed and instead of putting it in the kitchen in the morning just leaving in on the dresser.  If I didn’t take care of her glass every morning she would have the entire kitchen cabinet of glasses on her dresser, all half filled with water.  She’s like the little girl in the movie Signs, leaving half drunken glasses of water all over the house.

Abigail Breslin

Then there is her sexual energy.  She exudes this sexual presence about her that just attracts everyone.  I’m constantly having to fight assholes off cause they think they can just hit on her even after she informs them she is married.  Then again she brings some of it on herself with all the flirting she does.  It wouldn’t be so bad if there were more women coming on to her then men.  That I could handle.  Of course there is the fact she is hitting her sexual peak, let me tell you trying to keep up with her will kill you.  I’m lucky she hasn’t broke my dick like the guy she posted about last week.  It’s all good though because too much sex is better than no sex at all right?

Then there is the constant rubbing of her feet and shoulders.  I don’t think I’ve ever given as many massages as I have to give her.  It’s an every day thing.  I massage her so much my hands cramp.  Honestly though I don’t mind, I love my wife and anything to help take away her pain and warm her constant cold feet I’ll do.  I know she would do almost anything for me and that kind of love is rare.  I am a lucky man and I wouldn’t trade her for the world.

I do want to say though she is a loving mother, an outstanding step mother to my kids, an amazing wife, and the best lover I have ever had.  She does what she can to make me happy as I do her.  She always tells me she loves me and kisses me bye when she leaves for work.  She will buy me movies just because she loves me and knows Im a big movie buff.  She is always there to help me and give me advise even if I don’t want it because she knows I need to hear it.  I really couldn’t ask for a better wife.  So even though I have had a little fun with this post poking fun at her I really do love her.

Here is the link to her blog about me.



13 thoughts on “Every Rose Has It’s Thorn

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  2. Shannygirl

    hahahaha.. we talked about the same things!! As for the glass… I do take it back to the kitchen sooner or later… and I don’t leave glasses all over.. I leave half drank bottles of water everywhere.. and you should be thankful for that because when the Apocalypse happens… you’ll be thirsty and I’ll have 90 bottles stashed all over.. As for the shoe… I don’t remember throwing it. if I did.. you did something to piss me off… so it’s not my fault..LOL

  3. Kitt Crescendo

    You know, it takes a couple who not only knows each other, but likes and accepts each other as-is to write dueling blogs like this about the good and bad of being married to one another and still be laughing. I think acceptance is probably the biggest gift you give each other & it is wonderful to see.

    1. radaronelson Post author

      That is true and the funny thing is we never discussed what we were going to say in our blogs about each other and if you notice we talked about a lot of the same things LOL


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