No One Want’s To Step In That!

Okay so lots of people have dogs.  I even had them up until about 6 years ago.  So I understand the concept of walking your dog or better yet if you have your own yard letting it run loose in the back yard (fenced in) and crapping everywhere.  It doesn’t affect anyone but you.  You go out later or if you have kids you make them go out and take the pooper scooper and clean it up.  Well if your in a dog park, a regular park, or even around the neighborhood or let’s just say the apartment complex your most likely not going to carry around a pooper scooper with you.  But you should have at least a plastic bag on you to pick up your dogs shit.

Mia's Poop Sequence 4

Mia’s Poop Sequence 4 (Photo credit: Ian B. Line)

I mean seriously, especially in the apartment complex, kids are running around and playing.  There’s not a lot of grass and seriously I don’t particularly want my kids walking into the apartment with your dog’s shit on the bottom of their shoes or worse on the bottom of my shoes.  It’s not that difficult to put a plastic bag in your pocket and when your dog takes a dump wrap it around your hand, pick it up close the bag around it and throw it in the dumpster.  You may know where your dog left his business but know one else does.

We have a guy who lives in the apartment across from us who has one of those really tiny lap dogs, and if you haven’t read my blog yet on small dogs, then you need too, cause I don’t like them and I explain why in that blog.  Anyway, he takes that damn, yelping dog out everyday, lets it shit all over the grass, I never see him pick it up, maybe he does, maybe he doesn’t, but I don’t see him do it, then brings the dog back in yelping all 3 flights of stairs.  The yelp alone makes you want to kick the thing out the 3rd floor stair window.

Bag Of Poop

I swear though If I ever step in this dogs shit, just one time, I don’t care if the office is right below my apartment, I’m going to bag that dogs shit up in a brown paper bag, light it on fire, pound on their door about 13 times (because that’s what it takes for them to open their damn door.  I’m serious, every time someone knocks on their door they have to knock anywhere from 13 to 15 times before they open it.  I’m sure it’s because they have more people living there then what they should and their hiding everyone in closets and behind the shower curtain in the tub before they open it.) and then I’m going run in my apartment and watch through my peep hole as they stomp it out and get their own dog shit on their shoe.  She how they like it.  Well that’s my rant for the night.  The morale of this post?  Pick up your dogs shit cause you won’t like it if I step in it.  Thanks for visiting.  MWAAAHAHAHAHA


31 thoughts on “No One Want’s To Step In That!

  1. journeyman1977

    With you on small dogs being an annoyance but like all dogs, they just need some discipline and training. The stupid bastard master should train ’em. This fool sound like an inconsiderate shit-head. A boot up his ass would do the trick but let’s be practical, and why not air your grievances to the bastard? Sort of warning shot across the bows?

        1. radaronelson Post author

          I’m the same way on line. I’ll keep quiet or try to be the voice of reason till I’ve had enough and get pissed then I’ll tell them to fuck off. But I try to avoid it as long as I can.

  2. rohan7things

    Couldn’t agree more. Around where I live is a dog shit minefield! And last week some kindly dog decided to take a dump right at the gate to my apartment. I’ll bet that gave the owner a giggle. For the past week myself and the other residents have had to jump over this dog turd on our way out to the street. And as anyone living in the city knows, dog poop doesn’t stay a nice clean pile for long. Within a day it had been stepped in and spread all over the place making getting from my front door to the street a bloody Olympic event of hops, skips and jumps.

    It survived two rain showers and I even tried throwing a few liters of water over it to try and break it down. It’s nearly gone now, there’s not much left of it thank god. But I really would have preferred if the owner had the decency to obey the law and pick up the poop.

    It really does skew your view of dogs and more specifically their owners. I like the idea of having a dog one day, when I have the space to provide a nice big garden. But the owners, they should simply be banned from owning the animal if they can’t follows the laws of having one!

    Ok rant over, good post 🙂


  3. saved in drafts

    i dont mind dogs but I know theyre effort and this post sums up one of the main reasons i wouldnt get one. I wouldnt bother picking up its poo – i wouldnt want to walk it on cold wet days either…hence i dont own a dog. My mum does though, she bags it and leaves it in a hedge until she completes her circuit and then picks it up on her way back past and puts it in the bin closer to home – shes often had people tell her off for that but they should count themselves lucky she does it at all…im pretty sure shes considered shoving those little bags of shite through their letterboxes too.


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