When Did The Christmas Season Start?

You know it used to be we had Valentines Day, then Easter, then the 4th of July, then came Halloween, then Thanksgiving, then Christmas, then finally New Years.  They were all separate and you actually had time to celebrate them before the next holiday season started, but somewhere down the line, over time, it changed, things got muddied, holidays blended.  We now have an Easter bunny hiding your significant others Valentines candy from her and we all know what happens when you try hiding chocolate from a woman.

English: A milk chocolate Easter Bunny.

English: A milk chocolate Easter Bunny. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The 4th of July still has it’s own day only because it’s not close to any of the other holidays even though it is close to Labor Day and Memorial Day.  What really pisses me off though is when we get into winter.  You have a fat zombie in a Santa suite married to a witch flying around in a sleigh driven by a bunch of turkeys throwing hams down everyone’s chimneys.  If you haven’t gotten my point, let me spell it out for you.

Halloween approaches, YEAH!  Decorations start coming out, kids are excited, they get to go trick or treating, adults are excited they get to scare the shit out of the kids and go to adult Halloween parties dressed like male and female whores, get drunk and have orgies.  Then the unthinkable happens, about 4 days before Halloween, the stores clearance out the decorations and start putting up Thanksgiving decorations.  Now wait a damn minute.  Halloween isn’t fucking over yet.  At least wait till the day after, Jesus.

Then Halloween is over and we put out our Thanksgiving decorations.  Everyone starts their 30 days of “What I’m Thankful For” like “Day 1:  I’m thankful for that 3-some I had”  “Day 2:  I’m thankful my wife swallows” you get the picture.  Then it comes down to, you guessed it, about 4 days before Thanksgiving and wha-la decorations are put on clearance and Christmas decorations are already being put out.  Can we not celebrate Thanksgiving?  I mean really.  The day after is fucking black Friday, when everyone is going to be pushing each other over, stomping on fingers, hitting each other with their carts, fighting over the last Tickle Me Channing Tatum Doll.  Wait till that Sunday to start putting out the Christmas decorations for crying out loud.

English: Uploaded from : http://upload.wikimed...

English: Uploaded from : http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/de/5/5c/Rockefeller_Center_Weihnachten.JPG Das Rockefeller Center in New York City zur Weihnachtszeit Eigene Aufnahme Lechhansl 15:53, 20. Jan. 2007 (CET) Dezember 2003 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Then you guessed it, 4 days before Christmas, all the decorations are going on clearance and fucking New Years doesn’t even get anything except sales at ABC Liquor stores.  So I say we take back our holidays damn it.  Stop buying the next holidays decorations until after the current holiday is over.  Celebrate the holiday your in not the one coming up.  Things have gotten way out of hand, all in the name of making a buck.

My name is Rob Nelson and these are my thoughts on the holidays.


32 thoughts on “When Did The Christmas Season Start?

  1. ngenghou1962

    Hi Rob,

    I get what you mean. This just reflects the signs of time. When economic conditions are weak, businesses try to lengthen their sales period, by bringing out goods or related festive stuffs way way before the actual season. This is because consumer buying behavior is cautious and businesses hope to make up for this by launching sales for the next festival right after the last one just ended. This is happening almost everywhere.

  2. Fat Bottom Girl

    Totally agree. I think we have commercialized Xmas so much, that we are going to start “buying” ourselves out of Halloween and Thanksgiving. And I will be one pissed off bitch if I don’t get my Halloween!!!

  3. sakuraandme

    Another post that keeps you laughing your head off! Seriously, who would have Depression around you!! *laughing* As for Christmas, I’m a big kid! For me! It’s fun and I love seeing how excited the kids get opening their presents. 7 more sleeps!! …..Paula x

  4. ramblingsfromamum

    Ho Ho Ho back off on the merriment there Rob 😉 Pfft we can relate a little down under. We don’t really celebrate Halloween nor do we have Thanksgiving. Easter times yes the bunnies and hot cross buns are out at least a month before, and Christmas deco’s hit the stores October. Just in case you forget the special dates….

  5. Kitt Crescendo

    Kinda funny that the holidays that don’t get messed with are the patriotic ones.
    As for hiding the chocolate on women, if a guy is smart he blames those damned guys in green suits carrying big sticks who just happen to be eye level with a woman’s sweet spot. Pot ‘o’ gold, my eye…they hide the damned candy to work a woman into a frenzy, ply her with green beer, then pound her with their shillelaghs….
    And thanks for the image…I’ve been running around the house singing Rudolph the Red-Nosed Turkey. Damn it, man! Thank God Santa isn’t trying to drive the sleigh with turduckens…I think they’re mythical creatures from your zombie apocalypse.

      1. Kitt Crescendo

        LOL! Nah, they’re probably zombie made….or Doc Frankenstein is back in the labs. Who else would stuff three different birds into one another, then reanimate them? The failures, of course, find their way onto the dinner table.

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