Launching A New Award For The Holiday!

It’s all about guest blogging.  I guest blogged on my wife’s blog and now I have a guest celebrity blogger for you Kitt from theinnerwildkat is coming at you with a dandy of a blog.  So on with the blog.

I was honored when Robert stopped by my blog to ask me to guest blog for him.  You all follow his blog, just like me, so I’m not telling you anything new. Even better, he gave me carte blanche to talk about anything I want!

As I was trying to think about what I wanted to talk about for my awesome guest spot, a very close friend of mine reached out to me in Instant Message to put out an SOS. This particular friend of mine has been pretty isolated lately, and his blog is pretty much his only communication with the outside world and his biggest source of joy. Because of that, when he calls, I listen.

What got him so agitated? I’m so glad you asked! I wondered the same thing and here’s what he said:

Him: This woman is pissing me off right now!
Me: Why?
Him: She’s asking me about my stats.  Won’t leave me alone!
Me: Physical stats or blog stats?
Him: Blog stats. Shit, if she were asking me about my physical stats I’d be in a good mood. I’d probably even flirt back!
Me: Why is she asking? Is she wanting to include you in some group like Triberr to get you more readers?
Him: I don’t think so. She hasn’t mentioned anything. She wants to know how many people look at my blog every day. I’ve never even talked to her before. She’s never commented on my blog.
Me: What did you tell her?
Him: I told her I’m very excited. I get 3 hits a day!
Me: So you lied.
Him: Like a rug!

Don’t get me wrong.  There’s absolutely nothing with wanting your blog to be on the receiving end of great stats. But how you go about it can be the difference between being a total Asshole or someone who works hard to make a blog that people enjoy reading.

That very same day I started noticing a problem on MY blog. I noticed that I had a stalker! No, not regular readers who post comments to let you know they enjoy what you put out or who answer your questions. We’re talking the obnoxious bat shit crazy attention ‘ho type.

My stalker comments on every one of my blog posts. At first the comments were innocuous enough. But then they became more and more demanding! First it felt like she was flirting with me. No biggie…I’m open minded, so that doesn’t faze me. What did start to irk me was that EVERY. SINGLE. POST I posted lately was followed with one of her flirty comments and an inclusion of a link back to some post of hers that she thought I should see. In her mind, we were so much alike. We had so much in common!

I was ready to scream. Seriously! She was giving me the Humbugs. Again, don’t get me wrong…if you have a blog post that relates to what I posted, I have no problem with you letting me know. But every single time? That’s a bit much… Not to mention reeks of desperation. If you like me or something I said…like me or something I said! Don’t make it all about you. That’s an asshole thing to do. And YOUR blog is for YOU. Mine is for ME!

So, since these two people (who I’ll keep anonymous because naming them would feed their need for attention) are such Assholes…and awards are going around… I have decided it’s only fitting that they are awarded the First Annual Asshole Award….

If you have any nominees for this award, please share their story…. We’d love to hear what they’ve done to earn the nomination.  🙂

As with any award on here, an appropriate picture must accompany it… What do you guys think? I felt it was appropriate. 😀


38 thoughts on “Launching A New Award For The Holiday!

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  2. ramblingsfromamum

    OMG – you put it out there so I had to do – even if I didn’t want to do it – you made me do it – you hear me? You set the challenge – you – ok fair enough I AM NOT the stalker. How creepy – obviously attention seeking to the endth degree, especially when referring back to her blog. How very dare she- this is YOUR blog – back off lady.
    As far as the picture one word – Ouch.
    As far as my nominations? – one springs to mind he goes under the name of Clarence I believe he was Mr Gibbs…I mean what a dick of name to call yourself “Clarence” (apologies if any of your viewing audience have this name btw) ..he does the rounds, preying watch out ladies. His smarmy.

    1. Kitt Crescendo

      Clarence? Seriously? If some guy named Clarence is trying to pass himself off as a player he is either Asian or black or he’s the squirrelly guy Brad Paisley wrote “So Much Cooler Online” about. 😉 Just saying.

      Thanks for the heads up about the smarm!

  3. ngenghou1962

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  4. L.J. Kentowski

    You never fail to make me laugh Kitt! I love this award!!! I didn’t know you had a stalker. I’m guessing its the one we talked about a few wks back. That’s what you get for being so online smexy 🙂 Hehehehe

    1. Kitt Crescendo

      LMAO! LJ…I totally forgot about her. She just propositioned me. Odd, but no harm, no foul. 😉 This other one is a bit beyond…though, in her defense, she hasn’t overtly “invited” me.

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  6. Gloria Richard Author

    Thanks for the link-back on your blog today, Kitt. This got my day (and Kitt-induced blog hop) off to a great start.

    I scrolled through, but didn’t read the comments, but I imagine someone had to suggest a trip to the ER might be in order should the recipient do what you hope will happen with that award. Gives a whole ‘nother meaning to Put a plug in it.

    p.s. I agree. Consistent link-backs to ones own blog is a promo ‘ho in action. If it were my blog and I had someone I did not know who constantly did that, I’d leave the comment, but edit out the link, and add a comment of my own. “I deleted the link back because I can’t be certain of quality of content. Readers! If you’d like to visit [commenters name] you can visit her blog by clicking on her WP handle.

    1. Kitt Crescendo

      Ha! Actually, yours was the first to recommend the ER. Everyone else was content to see the person suffer. 🙂 Maybe you’re just nicer than we are?

      As for editing their comments…that’s great advice!


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