I was a guest blogger tonight on my wife’s site. Check her out if your not already following her.

Shanpagne's World

Tonight I have a special guest blogger.. My husband.. Robert.. aka Radar.  He is trying to help me build my numbers up on WordPress because honestly.. they suck.  I’ve blogged about everything, even Zombies but where he gets well over 500 views a day I’m lucky to get 45.  Well, being the nice guy he is he thought that if he guest blogged here it would up my numbers…. he really does love me!  Enjoy.. and if your not following him already, head on over to his site and check it out…he’s pretty awesome.



My Wife Has All The Luck

by Robert Nelson @ https://radaronelson.wordpress.com/

I think most people like it when they are noticed.  It’s an ego boost when someone flirts with them.  You may even flirt back.  Does it mean you’re going to bang them later?  Not always, but it does feel good to know that…

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