Strange Bedfellows

People have this need to have pets.  We even consider them as one of our own children sometimes.  But sometimes people pick the strangest pets.  Animals that just don’t belong as pets.  Why?  Who knows.  Maybe it’s a desire to be different, or a need to be noticed by saying “Hey look at this strange pet that I have.”  Some aren’t really strange as they just shouldn’t be pets and others just don’t make any sense at all.


The individual above has a pet hyena.  A hyena!  Really?  All the animals out there you had to pick one that hunts in packs and will kill you in an instant.  One that will steal your baby when your not looking and kill your livestock?  This has to be one of the stupidest ideas ever.  But not as stupid as the next one.


Lions.  There are actually more people who think they can tame a lion then you think.  Most live outside the U.S., in countries where lions roam wild but still.  This is a carnivore.  A man eater.  One sign of weakness and your a meal for the next 2 days.  Why would anyone be so stupid as to own a lion as a pet?  Great watchdog?  Sure but not so great when he eats you trying to come in your own home.


My 20 yr old daughter just got a rat for a pet.  Her fiance also has a rat as a pet.  This is another one of those animals I have to shake my head at.  Why?  These things caused the black plague for crying out loud.  They carry diseases, they eat through everything in your house, shit everywhere, not to mention the only thing they are good for is food for your pet snake.


Last we have birds.  While I was married to my ex she had a parrot just like the one above since she was a kid.  This thing lived until a week after I left her and suddenly it died.  The fucker couldn’t die while I was with her nooooooo, it had wait till I moved out.  It never made a noise though until you turned on the t.v. then it would start whistling and talking so loud you couldn’t hear the t.v.  It would piss me off.  Now birds in general I just don’t understand why people feel they need to have as pets.  They shit all over their cages, they throw their food all over their cages. They bite, you leave their cage open they fly off.  Birds aren’t meant to be kept in cages, they are meant to be in the wild.


16 thoughts on “Strange Bedfellows

  1. Shannygirl

    First off.. I agree.. Birds.. nope.. not inside.. they freak me out inside..Second.. Rats…. OMFG I will be standing on the table crying and screaming if I ever see one and I will move out instantly… but you are not one to talk.. you want a freaking Tarantula for a pet…it’s a freaking spider as big as my FOOT… never gonna happen.. or a snake.. nope.. ugh..

  2. ramblingsfromamum

    Let us put a leash on the lion
    let us walk our hyena too
    let us cuddle up to rodents
    and cage a cockatoo

    No no no it’s not the way it’s done
    for they should all run free
    in jungles, drains and forests tall
    it’s a puppy dog for me

    and for gawds sake I’m with your wife – NO Tarantulas or Snakes.,..what are you thinking???

  3. jessmittens

    When birds start pulling out their own feathers and chewing their tongues, it’s probably time you realised you’ve driven it insane….
    We had pet mice for a while and they were pretty cute – and we were good with keeping the cage clean so no smells, BUT 12 baby mice later. a nippy mother mouse and the realisation that mice don’t like people meant we sold them to the pet store. I’ll stick with house cats.

  4. Sarah Jane Wright

    Rats make wonderful pets. They are loving, smart and surprisingly clean!!! AND they didn’t have the plague, it was the fleas ON the Rats that had the plague!!!!!! I’ve had 4 Rats in the past, used to go everywhere with me on my shoulder or in a pocket!
    As for the other animals, can’t wait to see the reports on “Man attacked by pet Lion etc.) I used to help out a animal refuge for exotic “pets” people had the confiscated or realised they weren’t pets. (Also a few freed from a fur farm)

    1. radaronelson Post author

      Fleas on rats. Rats carried the fleas so rats carried the plague, therefor rats caused the plague….LOL. either way I just don’t think they were meant to be pets. They were meant as food for the pet snake.


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