Can You Really Trust Santa

As a kid our parents would take us to the mall to sit on Santa’s lap.  We would stand in line, then climb up on the big guy dressed in a Santa’s costume’s lap, tell him all the things we wanted for Christmas, truly believing he was the real Santa, he would give us a lollipop then we get down for the next kid.  Then as we got older we would take our kids to do the same thing.  On the other hand we were always told to never accept candy from strangers and if someone offers us a ride to never ever accept it.  By the way this happened to me in 5th grade.  I was walking from the bus stop with my saxaphone to my grandmothers and guy in a van stopped and asked if I wanted a ride, when i said no the house was around the corner, he insisted he didn’t mind.  I then proceeded to run and he sped away.

ChristmasSo I pose the question, what is the difference between some stranger in a van with candy and some stranger dressed as Santa handing out candy?  Seriously.  You have some creepy heavy set guy, letting kids sit on his “lap” with his arm around them, telling them he will get them everything they want while he is secretly getting off then gives them candy just to say thanks for letting me feel you up while you listed everything you want for Christmas.  I’m sorry but now that I sit down and actually think about it, that’s just creepy.

How many people out there have committed crimes dressed as Santa?  Robbed a bank, a 7-11, sat in a strip club putting dollar bills in a strippers g-string or whatever.  And seriously these guys standing out with the damn pot and a bell asking for donations for some charity…are we really supposed to believe they aren’t pocketing most of that money?  I guarantee they are going back to the office with a third of it and saying “yea it was another slow night.  People just aren’t as giving as they used to” when in reality they pocketed the other three quarters of what was given.

Sitting On Santas Lap Santa Claus

So I ask with this new evidence presented can you really trust Santa?  I don’t think so.


7 thoughts on “Can You Really Trust Santa

  1. ramblingsfromamum

    Maybe I’m feeling a tad melancholy right now… we look upon ‘Santa’ differently as adults than what we do as a ‘child’ they do not have any concept of this a bad/rude/evil Santa..just the image of a Santa in a Santa suit. We have our own theories they have their illusions. There will always be the evil/demented ones… but on the flip-side there are surely the decent Santa’s who care for children and want to bring a smile to their faces. In Australia they are scrutinised before being employed and back ground checked. I can see what you are saying though..I can.


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