Backpacking In Seward Alaska


In June 2004, we went backpacking in Seward Alaska.  Like many of my backpacking trips while living in Alaska it was definitely an adventure.  We had visitors from a mama moose and her baby, did some fishing, even caught a small flounder.  Below are pictures from that trip.













6 thoughts on “Backpacking In Seward Alaska

  1. journeyman1977

    looks like an awesome trip! 🙂 post more pics bro….real homesick out here!!! 🙂 Hope all is as well as can be at your end. Sending you and yours prayers and good vibes.

  2. literaryyogi

    As a former travel agent, I sent more people to Alaska than any other destination. My brother has been there twice and raved about it. From his enthusiasm, I got excited about it and was able to translate that enthusiasm into travel sales. It looks like you guys enjoyed your time there. I couldn’t imagine seeing a moose so up close and personal. When I lived in Pennsylvania, I got close to black bears and elk ( in Elk County) but a moose seems much more exciting.


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