Tis It The Season? It Sure Didn’t Seem Like It

Christmas Tree LightsSo tonight we went out, like we do every year, to look at christmas decorations.  Maybe it’s just me but it sure seems like when I was a kid so many more people decorated for Christmas then they do now.  Now I will say there were some impressive houses, we even saw one house that had put on the roof in lights “Ho Ho Ho” with a plastic santa on the corner of the roof, but overall the night was a let down.  There were just not that many yards and houses decorated as there have been years past, especially as a child.

I’m sorry but putting lights around your doorway and thats it is not decorating.  You might as well have not even wasted your time.  Damn it people want to see fake reindeer pulling a sleigh and a fat guy in a red suit in the yard.  Lights around the trees and around the roof of the house and up and down your driveway.  The nativity scene and the grinch steeling everyone’s presents.  Charlie Brown with his tree with one ornament and snoopy by his side.

We don’t want to see a bunch of deflated blowup snowmen, A blowup snowglobe so fogged up you can’t even make out what is inside it.  We don’t want to see a tree with one string of lights that look like squirrels stole half the bulbs and hid them with their nuts.  Don’t take the easy way out either and buy 20 inflatable decorations and throw them out in your yard either.  Buy some actual decorations and put them out the right way damn it.  Kids look forward to seeing these and thanks to you, their whole Christmas experience has just been ruined for life.  FOR LIFE I SAY!

This is an example of decorating your yard, in case you need some pointers.

Christmas Lights On House


10 thoughts on “Tis It The Season? It Sure Didn’t Seem Like It

  1. Kitt Crescendo

    Actually, I think I see more houses decorated in Florida then I did growing up. I think it’s for a opulent of reasons. 1.) it is warmer out, so no concerns with freezing your Bon bons off. 2.) because of the warm weather we do everything we can to counteract that summer feeling and try to make it feel like Christmas…

  2. ramblingsfromamum

    Hi Ho Ho Ho your back 🙂 with vengeance on the deco’s lol. We us humble beings down under can go all out or not at all..I’m in the not at all category, in fact my plastic Xmas Tree stands proudly in the lounge room (as it has for 2 days) without a morsel on it..yup nothing just plain plastic leaves..I am hoping my daughter will kindly decorate tonight though! Some houses around me are festive, over the top and sparkly, some have a blinking tree visible through their windows and some well…the plastic Santa needs a little more inflation.. Maybe I’m just being a Grinch at the mo and my Xmas spirit will come forth..but the only decos that shall be here is the tree… when it’s completed that is. There is a guy in Perth who did his entire house and yard with lights that flashed on and off to the Gangnam Song…hmmm the neighbours complained..he had to take some down..YAY Xmas Spirit alive and well in Oz!
    HO HO HO to you mate 🙂

    1. radaronelson Post author

      Unfortunately I live in an apartment so I can’t decorate the outside or i would but my entire inside of my apartment is decorated to the max. I love Christmas time.

  3. Fat Bottom Girl

    You would think me lame because I only decorated around my front door and my light pole; you’re such a hater!!! You gotta give me props for even getting up on a ladder to do that, because I am scared of heights! Plus, I am a total bah-humbug, but try to pretend I really want to do all this Christmas shit. 🙂

    1. radaronelson Post author

      I love Christmas too. I understand what you mean I live in the ghetto and wouldn’t put anything out if I could for fear of it getting stolen but I can’t anyway because I live in an apartment but the inside of my apartment is decorated to the max.

  4. literaryyogi

    I agree with you entirely! I remember my dad would literally take us in the car on Christmas Eve to look at everyone’s decorations. Some of the houses would go all out and that was always exciting to see. I tried doing the same with my husband out here in Southern California and was more than disappointed. I’m so tired of just seeing icicle lights. That’s not decorating, people! lol


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