Prostitution….It’s Just Another Job

Atlanta Streetwalker

I was sitting here thinking and wondering why prostitution is illegal.  If you haven’t noticed I do a lot of thinking.  Really Prostitution is one of the oldest professions we have and for the longest time was actually legal.  Then suddenly someone got a bug up there ass and decided they thought it shouldn’t be and made it illegal thinking this would stop people from doing it.  WRONG.  All it did was get more people arrested.  It is something that will never go away.  Why?  Because the supply is something everyone wants and the demand is high.

So why should it be illegal?  Seriously.  I mean it is the man/woman’s body.  If they chose to have sex with someone then charge them for their time and services then they should be free to do so.  The same goes for someone who is willing to pay someone to spend time with them and have sex with them, they should be free to do so as well.  It’s their money, they can do with it what they want.

Street Entertainers

If you look at today’s society and see how things are changing so rapidly you can see how this doesn’t make any sense.  We are allowing gays to serve openly in the military, get married, there are even states that are legalizing marijuana.  Abortion is legalized.  So why are they not legalizing prostitution?  To me it makes no sense at all.

So I say stand up for the rights of the prostitutes and the rights of those paying the prostitutes.  Stand up for your rights.  Write your congressman, do whatever you can to get prostitution legalized.  Sex is the greatest thing in the world.  It is something that should be celebrated.  No one, not even the government should be allowed to tell you what you can and can not do with your body or your money.

So join me and let’s legalize prostitution.


31 thoughts on “Prostitution….It’s Just Another Job

        1. radaronelson Post author

          Nope I just think people have the right to decide if they want to charge someone to have sex with them and they have the right to pay someone if they so choose.

  1. Sex, Spirit, Soul Mates and Chocolate....Ivonne's Journey

    Trading money for sex is bartering—-trading a house for sex bartering….your wife is correct…marriage is a legal form of prostitution—-every couple negotiates it differently but the bottum line goes like this—woman–you give me a-b-c and I will give you sex—– The problem is that most men have forgotten that you have to pay for sex in one way or another!!!!

    1. radaronelson Post author

      Okay well, I’m not technically trading anything for sex or accepting anything for sex. I’m just whoring myself out to my wife for free expecting nothing in return just like I did when we dated. So how is that prostitution if I’m having sex for nothing in return?

      1. Sex, Spirit, Soul Mates and Chocolate....Ivonne's Journey

        I am sure there are a lot of things you give your wife–a) sex, b) companionship, c) your are a father to her kids, d) you love her, e) etc……it’s not always about money or material things but there has to be a give and take. If more couple negotiated their relationships and laid it all out on the tableso to speak there would be a lot more happy marriages. Marriage in its inception was a product of politics and aristocratic soceities–women were mere commodities–like goats etc—-they were traded off into marrage for something in return. It has only been in recent times that people married for love but the cultural imprinting still persists. And also dna imprinting from cave man days…

        1. radaronelson Post author

          I understand what your saying, but that sounds more of what I give her for her to give me sex….yes that can be prostitution. But flip it, yes she gives me all those things but I don’t give sex in return because I am receiving them. I give sex for free, asking nothing in return, so basically you could say she is prostituted and I am just whoring.

      1. sakuraandme

        Change of heart! *laughing* Don’t think my readers would forgive me to talk about it. I think, my particular blog Depressionexists isn’t the forum for it! I won’t mention it on my blog…but I was in the sex industry for 10 years as a private worker! Don’t fall over!! Lol People think of prostitution as a girl soliciting the streets and f…..d up on drugs! Ignorance!! I led a very glamorous lifestyle and stopped partying with drugs at 21. I got smart and realized the asset I had! I made more money than anyone I knew! Okay, this is the last time I’ll talk about it! Glad your in support of the oldest industry in the world! BTW: it’s legal in Oz and paying tax is in your best interest! Chow, now Shhhhh!! x

  2. Sarah Jane Wright

    Prostitution is legal in a few country’s, including a State in America! Once its legalised it becomes safer, taxes can be paid and less of a burden to the medical side of life. The biggest thing about legalising it would be a better way of supervising the women/men to make sure THEY actually want that type of life. The problem with it being illegal is there is no one to check if the girls are safe, if they came into the life from choice, from need, or by force. And legalising it cuts down on rape (proven)!

  3. Kitt Crescendo

    You know, that’s something to think about. If prostitution were legalized they’d be able to require mandatory STD tests every couple of weeks, they’d be able to drug test and sterilize…Not to mention they’d be entitled to tax that income…and maybe charge the johns a sales tax…. Hey! You may have solved the deficit issue…LOL! 😉


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