M Is For Migraine….

Well tonight I have a new guest celebrity blogger.  Everyone throw your dollar bills on the stage (before they turn to coins) for Sex, Spirit, Soul Mates and Chocolate….Ivonne’s Journey.  She’s a fabulous person and actress with a fabulous blog so after you read this post check her page out.  So get ready for a magical ride on the Migraine train.

Brain On Fire





If you have never suffered through a migraine then you have no idea of the torture and excruciating pain those of us who have them go through.  I have suffered from migraines ever since I can remember but since they do not occur on a regular basis I have never been given a prescription for the pain and have to remedy myself with over the counter drugs. I have discovered that Excedrin migraine works if I take it at the onset of any headache.

Every headache for me has the potential to become that nightmare migraine.

Last Sunday evening was one such event.  I started getting the beginnings of a headache somewhere around 10 pm.  I kept thinking it was one of those, ” you haven’t eaten dinner type” of headaches which would go away as soon as I ate something.  You would think knowing this that I would eat something–but no I continued to keep  working on payroll ignoring the hunger pangs and the birthing of a headache.  By midnight I was starting to feel nauseous—uh oh, I thought  this is getting serious.  Too tired to even contemplate cooking at that hour I decide to make a protein shake instead–thinking this should do the trick.  I am only half way through the shake and the nausea is getting worse and the lights are getting brighter and brighter.  That’s it! I have to stop working. I take a couple of Excedrin migraine pills and force myself to finish the shake.  I slowly start to make my way to the bedroom, trying to move my body as little as possible the nausea making it feel as if I am a ship that has encountered turbulent waters.

I creep into bed in the hopes that the pain will start to subside.  But no such luck.  I adjust my bed so that my head is slightly elevated and the pressure in my brain might be lessened.  I have a space heater that is roaring with sound.  I have to decide which is the least evil a bit of cold or the roar of the heater.

I must be practical.  The cold has not been known to exacerbate a migraine but sounds certainly want to make your head explode.  I turn off the heater only to be inundated by the sound of the rain–no, not the lovely soothing sounds of raindrops falling to the ground but rather the waves of a tsunami crashing against my window and pelting me with hail.  Well, that’s what it felt like to me in those moments of pain.

The pain which was isolated on the back right side of my head.  I massaged the spot furiously hoping to alleviate my suffering.  Similar to a fever reaching its apex-delirium starts to take over.

I kept thinking of radaroneleson’s apocalyptic zombies and I wonder if a zombie could just take a bite out of the part of my brain where the pain is located I would feel so much better, my thinking is that a partially eaten brain would feel so much better than the pain I was enduring.


I had to take more pills!!!  Arghh…I left them in the kitchen….dear lord I would have to move my body, every slight motion causing ripples of the nausea to overtake my body.  Why, why, why God!!!!  What kind of karma could have brought this nightmare upon me?

And then it hit me.  Today was the third time in a matter of two days that I have talked about the ex-narc.  No, no say it isn’t so!!!  On Saturday night my friend Charlene told me she was going to be working with a magician as his comedy assistant.  She asked her magician if he knew my magician?  His response, ” Oh yeah, I know Jay Scott Berry.  He’s an a$$hole.”  I told her I needed to hear these things because it helped my healing process.  Then over drinks with my friend Helene we talked about him as well.  And then the tri-fecta hit.  A mutual associate got a hold of me on Skype wanting to know how he books his shows. I of course I had to remind this individual to remember that the shit the ex-narc  puts up on face book is not what it seems to be.  That the man is a fraud.  It was instant karma.

Then I started making deals with God–you know the kind of deal where you say to God, ” I promise never to talk ill about the ex as long as you make this pain go away.”

Do you go to hell if you lie to God?  But if God is all knowing then he would know you are lying so then it wouldn’t really count as lying would it?  But if God makes the pain go away knowing that you are lying as all hell and will continue to speak the truth about the ex, it just so happens that the truth is a bit ugly…okay it’s lots of shades of ugly….then it’s ok to lie to God?  These are the random, hallucinogenic thoughts I was having as I lie in bed motionless as if I were having an invisible mri and had to stay still.

And then there was silence……the moment of realization occurred……(cue crescendo music  that is played the day after you have survived the zombie apocalypse and the sun is shining and the birds are singing..it’s the dawning of a new day, a new life).  Well, that how I felt when I realized dear God, the pain was gone.  The desire to rip my head off was gone.  I looked at the time on my cell phone it was 2:16 AM. It was an hour and 15 minutes that I had laid there in pain.

The rest of the morning followed with a severe case of insomnia but I was at least freed from the throes of the migraine.

The moral of the story: Stop saying shit about the ex no matter how much of it is true!!!!!!



13 thoughts on “M Is For Migraine….

  1. Shannygirl

    Your insomnia came from the Excedrin.. that’s pure caffeine in them which is why they work. I suffer from migraines, mine are one sided, always the left side. Music and sounds do not bother me, nor does light.. but good lord, move my head the right way, or bend over when one is booming and it’s like my brain is trying to come out on it’s own!!! I will tell you, the worst one’s I ever had (that had me in the hospital begging for death) were from the stress my first husband had me under.. when I left him, I didn’t have another migraine for about 8 years. Luckily I’ve not had them as bad. I feel for ya..

  2. Miriam E.

    oh i know this, too. perfect description… can’t stand any lights, can’t stand sounds, nausea, dizziness; the pain is so excruciating, you want to open up your skull and throw the chunk that’s hurting right in the dumpster. blah. migranes suck so MUCH

  3. terry1954

    That was a good blog! I can remember when my father-in-law suffered so badly with these type of headaches. He would go into the dark bedroom and moan and he tied a bandana over his forehead that was swathed in Vicks. Sometimes his headaches would last a couple of days. He has since passed, but I am thankful, he no longer has to endure this pain.

  4. sakuraandme

    How shitty and painful! Damn, I could feel your pain! *smiling* I had ECT’s to the brain (shock treatment) a couple of years ago! I had NO idea what a migraine felt like until then!
    I know the kind of pain you are talking about, and I’m sorry that this can be an on going thing for you! *huge hug*…….Paula x

  5. Fat Bottom Girl

    I say do yourself a favor and go get a prescription medication for them. Even with my prescription, I have ended up in the ER a couple of times having to get shots for them. Migraines suck!!!

      1. Fat Bottom Girl

        I know, and it incapacitates me. Had to take mine one night when I was hanging out with my brother and his friends, and now I have a new nickname. It’s Kate—as in Kate Hepburn. :p


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