Where’s My Fan Club?

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So everyone knows I am going to have guest bloggers on my site.  I told my wife I wanted her to be my first………..guest celebrity blogger.  Of course at the time she was honored, to her it was like receiving the golden globe award.  So I said nothing and left her alone to let her come up with something.  The other day she says she has the perfect post.  GREAT!  This translates to me it’s already written in her head she just has to put it to computer and e-mail it to me, that should take more than 15 minutes at the most.

Well today while sitting at work I e-mailed her about it.  This is an excerpt from that conversation.

Rob:  I know you have to run to the store but whenever you get the chance if you can send me the blog you want me to post with whatever pics.  I would like to post it today.

Shannon:  I haven’t had a chance to write it…someone had me out Friday night.  I worked Saturday, then the bday party, then cook dinner last night and I haven’t been up that long today sheesh..post someone else first.

Now there was more but I wanted to stop here and comment.  This is the highest honor in the world and I just got told to post someone else first.  Repeat after me….WOW!  Now she had all night to write this and she chose to do what instead?  SLEEP!  I think someone’s priorities are messed up here.

On top of that WHERE’S MY FAN CLUB!  You would think by now she would have created a fan club and website for me so my zillions of fans could comment on pictures of me and talk about how much they love me.  Yet, still no fan club.  So I ask, with no fan club or website for my fan club, were am I supposed to have photos of me walking in front of my window naked leaked too?  Or where is the private celebrity sex tape of me supposed to be leaked for sale too?  Even more important, where am I supposed to go, to tell my zillions of fans that my zombie journals are for sell for Kindle on Amazon and new journals and a novel are forthcoming?

How am I supposed to tell people they can buy, for $10, a signed picture of me?   And where am I supposed to go, to have on line chats with my fans and let them tell me how they want to have my baby (even though I can’t have kids anymore) and how they think I should be listed as Time’s sexiest man alive?  Where?  WHERE I SAY?  I have no fan club or website.  Both of which I would have thought she would have created by now seeing as she is my number 1 fan.

I mean hell she stalks my facebook page, she stalks my wordpress page, She stalks me.  I have caught her smelling the crotch of my underwear after I got out of the shower for crying out loud.  I guess some people just don’t have their priorities straight.  She has forgotten what is important….ME.  So I close with this statement.

Where Is My Fan Club?


23 thoughts on “Where’s My Fan Club?

  1. Shannygirl

    Apparently it’s in your head! And I said I would be happy to be your first but you gotta give a sista a minute.. dayum boi.. I gots bitches to keep in line.. I don’t gets paid to sit around writin blog’s all day like you do!

    Sniffin your undies??? I think not…lol

    1. radaronelson Post author

      Yes sniffin my undies…..I see your trying to deny cause I put out for everyone to know….don’t make me post the pics I took of you doing it while you weren’t looking.

    1. radaronelson Post author

      Man you have obviously been hanging with the wrong dudes if they have skid marks in them. I wipe my ass. I’ll use a whole roll if I have too but my underwear is clean except for the obvious sweating on occasion.


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