I had to reblog my wife’s post on her crush of the month because frankly I agree. She is hot as hell.

Shanpagne's World

Okay so last month I started the “My crush of the month” blogs.  Who of course got my top honor of being the first?  Well go back and check it out… trust me, he’s worth it!

So for December I’m going to show you all that I am an equal opportunity crusher!  It doesn’t matter to me if your male or female, black or white or red.. I don’t care.  If there is something about you that I find attractive then you will be my crush of the month.  So for this month my crush is… the most beautiful.. sexy.. luscious.. firecracker…


I first fell in crush with her when I happened to pick up my ex husbands playboy and she was gracing the pages with her perfection.  Oh my lord how this woman is just perfect to me.  She’s blonde, blue eye’d and perfect.. have I mentioned perfect?…

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