Day 105 – A Zombie Apocalypse

We held up in the next building for several days.  We made our way down clearing out what zombies we could.  It was difficult going.  We were in some kind of office building and not many supplies about.  We had made it to the 3rd floor and walked into a swarm zombies.  As they began to surround us, we were desperately trying to take them out as quickly as we could.  There was blood and brain matter spraying everywhere.  There wasn’t one person who wasn’t splattered by a dead zombie.  Things started looking grim when suddenly my dad was bit from behind on the shoulder.  Just then another attacked him from the front.  He grabbed the zombie, pushing back on the one behind him, pulling with him the one in front till all 3 went crashing through the 3rd story window, falling to their deaths.

That was when another zombie bit the arm of the mechanic kid, ripping the muscle from his arm leaving it utterly useless.  As he fell to the ground three zombie converged on him ripping his stomach and throat away.  The military guys were blowing zombie heads off left and right and we finally made it out and to the stairs down to the first floor.  Unfortunately the lobby wasn’t any better and from what I could see outside the horde that surrounded the hotel was making it’s way to this building now.  We started firing and swinging our bats or whatever we had.  A zombie wearing a get up that looked as if she was one of the cleaning ladies snuck up behind my daughter biting the back of her neck to the spinal cord.  The other zombies moved in and got one of my sisters kids.  Then my cousin and his daughter went down next.  As we finally cleared all the living dead out Corporal Jones began twitching and suddenly had a fierce look on his face.  We didn’t know it but he had been bitten on the 3rd floor.  He immediately grabbed Julie ripping her eye from her face with his teeth before we could react.   We shot them both in the head before she could turn too.

All that is left is myself, my wife, my son, my step-son and step-daughter, one of my sisters daughters who is 9, the Dr., TSgt Beckner, Katy, and Bill.  We are going to gather ourselves and try to make a run for it before we are surrounded again.  If this is the last post then you know we didn’t make it.


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