Lawdy I Done Did It. I Had An Epiphany.

Those who follow my Zombie Journals know a while back that I said if I were to publish them then that meant at some point they would have to end.  Well that time is coming soon.  As you can see from tonights Zombie Journal post our group is in a world of hurt.  Will they make it out alive?  Stay tuned for the next few posts over the next week to see.  As I said though it is coming to an end, but only these particular journals are. 

As I sat in my car listening to the 80s Rock station driving to work tonight it hit me.  Even though this journal has to end that doesn’t mean this character is the only person who is or will journal their experiences during the zombie apocalypse.  Soooooooo, once this ends, the first thing I will be doing is putting all the journal entries together and going to Amazon and getting them published.  I will be starting with Kendle first and see how things go.  If successfull then I will look into publishing in a paperback.

Once I have worked through all of that and got that going I will make sure everyone knows where to find it so they have the opportunity to purchase if they so wish.  Then the new Zombie Journals will start.  Part II or whatever you want to call them I haven’t thought that far ahead yet.  They will be through the eyes of a different character and I will probably fast forward it several years.

So, I have some great things coming in the future and I hope your as excited as I am about it.  Keep reading over the next week to see who lives and who dies and when it’s done see if you can guess who will be the “author” of the next Zombie Journals.

Rob Nelson

Zombie Fan and Aspiring Author


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