How We Love The Unattainable

Anyone who knows me well, knows that I have always had a thing for Anglina Jolie.  To me she has just been that hot chick I could never have and those sex scenes in Gia OMG, heaven, those are things wet dreams are made of.  But like all things, we end up growing out of them eventually.  As I have gotten older I find that I am moving on.  She will always be that first hot famous chick that I could never have so alas she has been replaced.  Now don’t get me wrong, if by some chance the stars aligned right and we crossed paths and she said “hey you gorgeous piece of man meat, I wanna ride you bareback like a wild stallion” who am I to say no but as I said I am moving on.  My new totally hot unattainable chick that I can only dream about (with my wife cause she thinks she is hot as hell too, along with the Rock) is none other than:  Charlize Theron

Have you seen her it that tight black suit in Aeon Flux?  OMG and totally hot in Snow White and the Huntsman.  Yes it is total lust at first site.  Hmmmm I’m seeing a role play coming on……my wife as Charlize and after buying a fake muscle suit like in the movie 300, me as The Rock, damn what a night me and the wife could have…..Hey baby…..we need to hit the costume store!


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