Day 97 – A Zombie Apocalypse

We cleared out the remaining 3 floors and made it to the roof of the hotel.  There was one of those 20 foot industrial ladders up there and we realized we could lay it across the edge of the roof to the edge of the roof of the building next to us and use it to cross buildings.  So we extended it all the way out, tied some roap around the last step in case we miss the roof so we don’t loose the ladder, stand it up and let it fall flat, landing on the edge of the adjoining roof.  We now had a bridge between buildings.  We went back down to the 2nd floor hotel room and made sure everything was packed in case of a quick evac. 

That’s when we heard it.  A massive sound, almost like a stampede.  As we stepped out of the hotel room. they burst through the stairway door and began filing in.   I began firing, everyone grabbed our supplies and as we filed out into the hallway we were all firing as quick as we could.  As one went down 2 more would appear thorugh the door.  We shot our way to the stairs and began running up towards the roof.  By floor 8 we were getting exhausted, all of us except the zombies of course.  We pushed on making it to the roof and closing the door behind us.  With nothing to barricade it I had everyone start crossing the ladder.  I looked over the edge and before me was at least 200 zombies trying to get in the building, that doesn’t include those already in and standing behind them was the zombie in the suit and his one remaining zombie bodyguard.

I ran to the ladder and began to cross then Katy crossed behind me, then Bill started and Maria was behind him while Tom was still on the hotel roof.  The zombies burst through the door onto the roof.  Tom began shooting wildly yelling to get across as they swarmed him, taking him down tearing his flesh from his body like a piece of chicken.

Katy made it but Bill was almost there when his foot slipped and he fell, he grabbed the ladder last minute as he dangled holding on to the ladder.  Maria stopped and began screaming saying she couldn’t do it.  The zombies started coming, falling over the edge, the ones who tried the ladder either fell over the side or fell in between the steps plugging the holes so to speak.  The others just stepped on the zombies, using them to cross.  When Maria finally decided to move a zombie bit down on her neck and they fell over the side down 10 stories to the ground.  Bill was still crossing using the ladder like monkey bars with the zombies walking across behind him.  I reached out my hand for him to grab.  I could feel the tips of his fingers on mine when there was a loud crack.  The weight of the zombies was too much for the ladder and it broke in half.  I threw my arm out grabbing Bill’s wrist at the last minute as the ladder and all the zombies fell to their deaths.

After pulling him up, we all got to the center of the roof where we couldn’t be seen while we figured out what to do next.

Rob Nelson

Guardian Angel



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