Day 96 – A Zombie Apocalypse

We apparently picked the wrong hotel to hide in.  Why did it have to be one catering to a Star Wars convention?  It wouldn’t be so bad but the ones dressed in varying types of stormtrooper outfits make it difficult to kill and slow us down clearing the rooms.  In the past 3 days we were able to clear out floors 3 through 7.  Only 3 more to go.  Wouldn’t you know there was one asshole dressed as Vader.  That son-of-bitch was tough, his damn helmet did not want to come off.  We got him on the ground and pinned and as we pried the helmet off there was this aweful suction sound, a horrible rotting smell escaped then his entire face stuck to the helmet and just pealed off with the helmet.  After we smashed his head in we continued clearing rooms.  Not really a whole lot to collect.  Some toothpaste, soap, drinks from the mini bars, bottle waters, and that’s really about it.

Our new friends seem to be a little more at ease around us.  I guess they figured out we aren’t going to use them as bait or something to stay alive.  I’ve been keeping an eye out of the windows of the rooms at the end of the halls.  Theres a good size group of zombies around the building as if they know we are in here still alive but there has been no sign of zombie suit.  Hopefully we lost him but somehow I don’t think that is the case.  I have a feeling once we leave this building he will show up.  We will need to be prepared.

I have everyone thinking about ways to leave the building so when the time comes we already have a plan in place.  We need to get to a more secure location.

Rob Nelson

Jedi Knight / Sith Slayer


2 thoughts on “Day 96 – A Zombie Apocalypse

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