Day 93 – A Zombie Apocalypse

We decided the next day to go for it.  We could see about 3 blocks away a large hotel, maybe 10 floors or so, and figured we would try for it.  The first couple of blocks were relatively clear, only a few zombies milling about.  As we got within a block of the hotel they seem to come out of the woodwork.  All mostly slow burners but there were a couple runners in with them.  We had to take them out quick.  We got inside but we knew the doors wouldn’t hold for long and quickly looked for the stairs.  There were several zombies standing around the lobby who immediately took notice of us and started towards us.  It was then I realized we must have entered the twilight zone.

Apparently there was a Star Wars convention going on when it all went down.  There was a zombie dressed as Han Solo (I really hated killing him, he is my favorite), a couple in Princess Lea Jabba Slave Outfits, and several in stormtrooper outfits.  The stormtrooper zombies were the hardest to kill.  Though they were no real threat of biting us, if they managed to get those helmets off when we weren’t looking we could be in trouble.  I knocked one down on it’s stomach and pulled it’s helmet off.  The stench of rotting skin and death permeated the air.  It took all I had not to vomit right then.  I quickly put a bullet in the back of it’s skull and moved to the next one, kicking it back against the front desk while my  dad swung a bat taking the head and helmet off in one swing.  The body falling to the floor like a rag doll.

We made it to the stairs and decided to go floor by floor, clearing them of anything of the living dead sort and see if by chance anyone was hiding on one of the floors.  We got to the first floor and there were no zombies in the hallways.  The first couple of rooms were empty but a third had a zombie dressed as a rebel soldier.  He was by the hotel window so we quickly just hit him with the bat sending him crashing out the window to the ground.  His legs were no longer functioning but we could see him begin to crawl away.

There were more zombies dressed in various Star Wars get-ups in other rooms as we cleared the first floor.  We went up to the second floor and it appeared to have been barricaded.  We were able to bust it open and began a search of the rooms when we came to a room where we could hear talking.  We hid on either side of the door and yelled out for assistance.  At first there was no response and everything went quite but after some insistence and convincing they opened the door and let us in.  There was a man in his mid 20’s who said his name was Bill, he said he worked for Verizon before all this.  A girl about 23 named Katy, she was a waitress apparently, another girl name Maria who was a dancer but by the way she hesitated my guess was exotic dancer, and another man in his mid 40s dressed in hotel attire with a name tag that said manager, his name was Tom.

I asked how they have survived so long and they said they had gathered all the food and drinks from the rooms on this floor and had made a couple trips to the hotel kitchen a couple times when it first started and stocked up.  We finished searching the floor just in case and re-barricaded the door to the stairs and decided to rest for a couple days before moving up to the next few floors.  We decided this would be our base of operations and as we cleared a floor the manager would lock the doors to the floor so no stragglers walked on any when we weren’t around so in case we ever had to move from here we new they were safe.

Rob Nelson




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