Election Day Freeze

English: Ballot Box showing preferential voting

English: Ballot Box showing preferential voting (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Even though this blog is about events that unfolded on election day for myself, I will not be discussing who I voted for or didn’t vote for.  I have found through experience that to many people get pissed when politics is discussed and you disagree with them and refuse to change your mind.  So with that said, it was Election Day yesterday.  Oh Joy.  Can you read my enthusiasm?  NOT!

I get up and go stand in line at the voting area that is literally right around the corner from my apartment.  This seems the logical place to go right?  I live RIGHT beside it.  It is freezing cold, plus the wind is blowing making it that much worse.  I am there for 2 1/2 hours approximately.  Finally my turn, give them my ID, they look and look, call someone else over to look and look.  Ask me if I registered, etc etc.  Finally they say your not supposed to vote here.  You have to go to the library.  It’s after 11am by this time.  WHY THE FUCK TO I HAVE TO GO THE LIBRARY WHEN I LIVE RIGHT DOWN THE ROAD!  I should be able to vote at the closest location.  I’m here NOW,  I want to vote, so my vote won’t count because a nominee can with the popular vote and still lose because it’s the electoral votes that count….okay getting off topic.

So I go to the store, go home.  Then I go to the library.  It’s 1pm.  It’s freezing outside, the wind is blowing.  I’m standing there and finally at 2:30 I get to place my vote that doesn’t count because a person can win the popular vote but still lose the election because it’s the electoral votes that count and in my opinion should be done away with and only the popular vote decide who wins and loses…damn it off topic again.   Sorry.

So anyway I said all of that to say, this system is so screwed up I not only couldn’t vote at the location that was closest to where I lived but I had to stand outside for almost 4 hrs freezing my ass off because it was so cold my balls reseeded back up into my body.  I’m still waiting for them to drop.

Thank you America!


2 thoughts on “Election Day Freeze

    1. radaronelson Post author

      Well like I said, I’d prefer to not say one way or another. Just a policy I have. Even if you agreed with me someone else might not and I don’t want to get into any political debates with anyone. But I am happy that I was able to give you a laugh. 🙂


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