Day 90 – A Zombie Apocalypse

We stayed a couple nights making sure everyone got as much rest as possible.  It wasn’t until that 3rd day when we were ready to leave all hell broke loose.  A horde of zombies swarmed the front doors of the hospital where our exit was and the vehicles were parked.  Both doors that we sealed had zombies banging and pressing, trying to get in and at us.  We were surround so we decided to open the one door leading to the pharmacy.  There were stairs leading up, maybe we could get to the rooftop and at least be temporarily safe until they tire and leave.

They burst in immediately upon the doors being opened.  My son blew the right side of a doctors face off as he dropped another stepped on him to move in.  His head deteriorating underneath the zombies feet.  My dad blew a hole through his head and then a nurse tried coming through.  I pushed her back with the butt of my rifle, pushing her into the two behind her knocking them to the ground.  As I stepped through I shot all three in the face and started taking out zombies as they crowded in.  My dad was next through, then my son, then my cousin, then the rest with Corporal Jones bringing up the rear.

We got to the stairs and started heading up, ensuring the door was closed behind us.  Just as we rounded the corner for the next floor, a zombie patient lurched forward, tripping down the stairs onto me.  I pushed him up, put both feet on his chest and kicked, watching as the zombie went over the side of the stair railing falling to the bottom, exploding like a water balloon.

As we passed floor after floor we hear a door open below us and the moans of the dead below.  Now the stage 1’s can’t climb so I wasn’t too worried but when we realized they were getting closer we knew these weren’t stage 1 zombies.  Everyone began running up the stairs as fast as we could.  We came to the top after 8 flights of stairs and closed the door behind us, locking it with a bat through the door handles.

There we were stuck on top of the hospital building, trapped.  Zombies were at the door trying desperately to get through, the front  and back and right side was swarming with zombies.  Our vehicles were lost.  There was no way to get to them in that crowd without getting bitten.  The building top was two tier so we all climbed down to the lower tier roof and looked around the size that was zombie free.  We found the fire escape ladder and proceeded down into the empty alley between the hospital and the other building beside it.  we started heading down the alley towards the front hoping we could dart out and to the left before the horde saw us but as we almost got to the end, 3 zombies, an older man, a grandmothery looking woman, and an little girl probably around 8 stepped out in front of us.  As they moaned and started walking towards us, more filed in behind them from the front of the building.  We turned and started running towards the other end of the alley.  We got halfway there when the zombies started filing in from the other end trapping us again.  I saw the fire escape to the building beside the hospital and started to climb hoping to get to the top and cross down and keep going like we were until we can get somewhere more safe and away from these hordes.

Climbing as fast as I could, everyone followed behind,  Jane the firelady was the last to get on and just as she did one grabbed her by her ankle pulling her back down.  She struggled to kick it away and pull her self up but she lost her grip.  I was on the top now looking down, helping everyone over the top as they got there.  As she fell I saw the horror in her eyes as she landed on her back and the horde swarmed her, tearing her skin from her body in fleshy strips.  Her screams will haunt me forever.

We ran to the other side, climbed down that fire escape and back up the next buildings then down the other side.  Then down the alley and out onto the street.  A horde was coming at us and we were forced inside a condominium complex and cleared out the zombie guard and manager and locked ourselves in the office for the night.  Day 4 we went to the first condo and cleared it out of the couple zombies there, threw them out the window, blocked the door and decided to stay for awhile while we figure out what to do next.  It is day 5 now and we are still trying to work out a plan, but nothing promising yet.

Robert Nelson

Plan Maker


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