All The Girls Say I’m Pretty Fly For A White Guy


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You ever ran into someone from when you were a kid or teenager and thought “Man, they haven’t changed a bit” or had someone come up to you and say “My, you sure have changed”?  I’m sure most everyone has at one point or another.  So what makes us stay the same after 20 or 25 or even 40 or more years?  Or on the flip side, what changes us after all that time?  They say by age 5 your personality type has already been formed and the choices you make as you grow up into your teens are based on your morals, parental guidance, and social environment.  Now what about after that?  You move out, move away, and your no longer in the same environment you were in as a kid.  What would make you change for the good or for the bad?  I believe there are many factors that places into this, that you can’t pin it to just one thing.

When I was kid, a teenager, even as an adult into my mid 30’s and even just slightly now at 40 but not as much before, I was very shy.  If I was confortable with you and knew you really well, I would open up but otherwise my shy nature took over.  I was always considered that “nice” guy.  Which always kinda ticked me off.  Yes, I was friends with almost everyone except a handful of people.  Yes I hung out with every peer group not just one.  I blended in like a camelion.  What ticked me off about it was the girls always wanted the bad guy or older guy which wasn’t me.  I also loved being by myself but at the same time, I had a need to be around friends as well.

Now, one thing I did learn was to use my nature for my own gain.  Talk nice, offer to do the girls homework and it will go a long ways.  So I did almsot every girls homework in highschool.  Now this was done for several reasons.  One because I was nice and they needed help but the other reason was I somehow thought if I did all these girls work for them maybe I might have a chance with them.  Yes I know I’m a pig.  Hey I was a teenage boy, hormones raging, the only thing on my mind was how to ensure I got laid.  Heaven forbid there is anyone from my highschool who reads this.  If so, now you know why I really helped you with your work.  Hehehe  Despite that every girl said I was pretty fly for a white guy.

It wasn’t until my divorce that I really started coming out of my shell and changing.  I have gotten to a point where I’m not all that shy anymore and I am a little more open and aggressive than before.  I speak my mind but I still try to choose my words before just saying what I’m thinking.  I think a lot of what made who I was and who I am now is envrinoment.  Environments changed and so I changed to adapt.  Some for the good, some for the bad.   But hey we all can’t be perfect like I once was.  One thing that has not changed is I still have a dirty mind.  That is genetic, I get it from my dad.

I also believe life experiences have a big role in how we were and who we become later in life.  Some people never change because their environment didn’t change and nothing major happened in their life later to change them.  Others do change because their environment did change and they did have something major happen that changes who they are as a person.

So I ask, are you the same person you used to be or have you changed and now someone totally different?  Was it for the better or worse?


6 thoughts on “All The Girls Say I’m Pretty Fly For A White Guy

  1. Shannygirl

    well.. I’m half the person I use to be.. but I’m still the same me.. Opinionated, loud, and bossy… but I’m still unsure of myself.. low self esteem… but on the other hand.. I look totally different.. and I’ve learned to think before I speak (at least some)…I don’t think anyone is exactly the same as they once’s impossible..

    1. radaronelson Post author

      I stayed pretty much exactly the same until 6 years ago when I asked for a divorce. That was mainly because I lived with a controling woman and I had no life of my own. But once I did say I’m out of here, about 90% of me changed. All the good things about me stayed the same. I’m still, a nice, handsome, smooth talking, hunk of man meat but I am no longer an intravert, shy, do what I’m told not what I want to do type of person.

  2. Kitt Crescendo

    In a lot of ways I’m the same. My face hasn’t really changed since I was a baby. On the inside…I’ve learned more self control. Otherwise, I think most people would say I’m the same perverted goofball who loves to write that I was before…except now I’m married.


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