Disney Buys Lucasfilm


ROTJ-Jumbo-Lobby-01 (Photo credit: Pineapples101)

So it was announced that Disney bought Lucasfilm and plan to make a Star Wars Trilogy sequal.  It is to follow Luke, Leia, and Han after the last film in the francise Return of the Jedi.  Now a lot of people have voiced being upset about this.  I imagine it is those same people who gave George Lucas crap about Jar Jar Binks in the prequals and who gave him crap about adding scenes to the originals and releasing them. 

Personally I enjoyed the prequals and that final battle between Anakin and Obi-Wan and seeing how he became Darth Vader was totally awesome to me.   I also thoroughly enjoyed the additional scenes in the original movies as well.  I have been saying for years I wanted to see what happened after Return of the Jedi and now I will finally get to.  For me this is an awesome deal.  It’s an opportunity to see new villians, new charactors, and continue the story of a wonderous world created when I was a child.

I love these characters and the story and could watch as many movies as they wanted to make from them.  So I say thumbs up to the new movies.  I have seen all 6 in the theaters and you better believe I will see the next 3 in the theaters as well.

Here is a video put out by Disney introducing Star Wars to their franchise.

May The Force Be With You



2 thoughts on “Disney Buys Lucasfilm

  1. DaPoet

    I couldn’t agree more. I saw star wars at the theater when it first came out when I was 16 and was overjoyed to share it with my son when Lucas re-released back out into the theaters and loved the changes and the scenes he added that he couldn’t do when star wars was first created. BTW Episode iv a new hope was in the middle of the stories Lucas had originally planned – there were nine all total – but started with the forth episode because he didn’t think that it would do any better that other sci/fi movies had at the time. Boy was he ever surprised when he turned out to be wrong. I just hope that I live long enough to see em all when that come out starting in 2015.


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