Day 85 – A Zombie Apocalypse

I guess it is time for a head count, see who we have left in our group.  There is myself, my wife, my two step kids, my son and youngest daughter, my dad, one of my sisters 2 kids, Julie the farm lady, Mark the mechanic kid, the Dr, Army corporal Jones and an Air Force Tech Sergeant Beckner, my cousin and his daughter, and Jane the firelady.

We entered into Nashville.  I wanted to avoid big cities but we happened upon it before I knew it.  Big cities means more zombies and with the zombie suit following us this isn’t the place I want to be trapped.  We happened upon a hospital and decided to try our luck looking for medical supplies and hunkering down at least in the main office areas for the night.  I felt we can secure that area.

Surprisingly the streets were void of any activity.  We parked as close to the building as possible then went inside.  There were dead bodies everywhere in various stages of decay.  A couple of zombie nurses, doctors, and patients that were quickly dispatched.  We sealed off all entrances to our little area, cleared all the rooms, then myself, and the two military guys went looking for the pharmacy.  There was a zombie on a stretcher missing both legs.  He looked like he had been in a car accident prior to the outbreak.  At first we figured he wouldn’t be any harm and just walked past until he rolled off the bed and started crawling after us.  A couple bullets to his head, brain slatter across the hospital floor stopped him.

We made it to the pharmacy.  There was a pharmacist, her left arm gone and all the skin was missing from the left side of her face.  She appeared out from one of the aisles of pills and almost bit the Army guy but not before he pulled his knife and ran it up through her jaw into her brain.  We loaded up as many bags as we could carry with everything we could not particularly paying attention to what we were grabbing, ensure we at least got stuff like penicilin, valium, xanax, percacets, asperin, and stuff like that.  The rest we just scooped into the bags and headed back.  We can hear some of the zombies at one of the other doors we secured pounding and pushing trying to get in.  It’s almost as if they can smell us in there.  I don’t think any of us will sleep tonight with that.

Rob Nelson

PHD, self-appointed



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