Day 82 – A Zombie Apocalypse

Well, we weren’t there long only 2 days.  They hit us just as the sun was rising.  The barbed wire fence slowed them down but it didn’t stop them.  As the stage 1 zombies hit the fence they became entangled and ripped to shreds.  Their rotting corpses were torn apart.  Skin pealed away like an onion, body parts that were so chewed away or rotted to the bone were ripped off totally.  As they were stuck on the fence, the rest used them as padding and climbed over them to get over the fence.  Crazy guy from mad max took off to his plane and was able to drop some of his special combustion on a large group of them that hadn’t made it over yet but then the smarter ones that had guns began shooting as he made another pass.  They shot out his engine and he went down.  His plane crashing into the barn, exploding into flames.

As they got over the fence they began to surround the house.  Their moans increasing.  The banging on the walls were shaking the house.  We fired as fast as we could, spread out between the bottom and top floors.  We were surrounded.  It looked as if we weren’t going to make it.  The zombie suit’s bodyguards approached the door and busted it down with one hit.  The zombies began to flow in like ants.  As we blew heads away, blood and gore spraying everywhere we made our way up the stairs.

Once we were all together we decided to force our way back down and out to the vehicles.  It was our only choice.  Our host lost both her step-kids in that battle.  I lost my other sister, she had her kid and our sisters kids by her when she went down, her kids didn’t make it either, and my wife’s other nephew was taken down as well.  Our group is shrinking fast.  It took 4 rounds to the head to take down one of the zombie suit’s bodyguards.  He was one tough motherfucker.

Those of us left made it to the vehicles and out of there with the hord following behind, slowly losing ground.  We ended up stopping about 4 hours later and syphoning some gas from a bunch of vehicles on the side of the road then moved on.  We are still moving now.  No idea to where though.

Rob Nelson

Troubled Leader


7 thoughts on “Day 82 – A Zombie Apocalypse

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