Horror Movie Villians

Since it is getting so close to Halloween I thought I would take this opportunity to list my own personal list of all time greatest horror movie villians.  I think most of you will agree with this list but I am sure you will have your additions as well.

1.  Freddy Krueger:  This guy is the all time bad-ass of horror movie killers not only did he die and come back but he came back in your dreams making it almost impossible to destroy him and giving him the ultimate power to control your dream and do whatever he wants and when he kills you in your dream you die in real life.  Not to meantion the cool hat and bladed glove he wears.

2.  Jigsaw:  This guy is so awesome just based on the fact that he could be real.  Someone could really do what he did which makes his character all the more insane.  He is so realistic the movies piss my wife off cause she doesn’t think he has a right to put these “bad” people in the positions.  Most of the victims never even see him either they see his doll. 

3.  Leatherface:  I can’t think of a more disturbing killer then one who chops up his victims with a chainsaw, serves them for dinner for the family and wear’s the faces of his victims.

4.  Michael Myers:  This guy had some major parent son issues.  Not to mention he is almost impossible to kill himself and he introduced us to the scream queen herself Jamie Lee Curtis.

5.  Jason Vorhees:  Here’s another really messed up individual who just won’t die no matter how many times you kill him.  Not to mention, running away does nothing.  He can walk and still catch up to you while your running at top speed, now that’s just amazing.

6.  Ghostface:  This has to be one of the most original horror movies in a long time.  Everything the killer and victims do are based on their favorate scary movie….I’m sorry but not only is that original, that’s just awesome.

7.  Pennywise The Clown:  It wouldn’t be a horror movie or Halloween if you didn’t have one of satan’s clowns involved and Pennywise from the movie IT is perfect.

8.  Norman Bates:  You can’t have Halloween without a psycho hotel owner running around and Norman Bates was the perfect psycho.

9.  Hannibal Lecter: What better killer than a serial killer who likes to eat his victims.  “I’d like to eat her liver with some fava beans and a nice bottle of Chianti” and he is well educated on top of that too.

10.  Poltergeist:  These nasty ghosts will stop at nothing to get the pure soul they need to satisfy their desire to live on instead of going to the light, even pulling a little girl into the TV.

11.  Damien:  It just wouldn’t be Halloween without the anti-christ now would it and Damien from The Omen was about as evil as they came.

12.  Regan Mcneil:  Keeping with the theme we now have a girl who is possessed by Satan and let me tell you she has a filthy mouth for a girl her age…hahahaha

13.  Pinhead:  Come from the depths of Hell himself we have Pinhead and his minions.  Don’t open the box whatever you do.

14.  Chucky:  This is just crazy.  You have a killer who is dying and transfers his soul into a doll and ends up getting stuck there.  “Hi I’m Chucky.  I’ll be your friend till the end.  Hi-di-ho!”

15.  Samara Morgan:  Now we have the dead girl who lives on in a VHS tape and everytime someone watches it she ends up haunting them, coming out of the freaking TV (which by the way was just too cool) and draining them of all their life force and killing them.

16.  Xenomorph:  These Aliens from the Alien movies are just to awesome.  How many aliens do you know have an extra mouth that shoots out of the main mouth and a spiked tail that can rip you in half as well as acid for blood and gestate inside you until they are ready to be born then burst through your chest?  How many Aliens do you know in general?

17.  Predator:  You know your screwed when you have an Alien hunter who can translate your language, go invisible, shoo laser blasts, blades on it’s arms and a long bladed pole and can jump really far and is super strong.  Not to mention what you see is just a mask, take it off and the mouth opens up to another mouth underneath.

18.  The Creeper:  This guy from Jeepers Creepers is just plain ugly and just looking at him you know something is wrong.  He just looks plain evil and will give you the creeps.

19.  Jack:  The Shining showed us that a normal man can go insane because of his surroundings and when he does we are fucked.  “Heeeerrrree’s Johnny!”

20.  Zombies:  Halloween would not be complete without zombies.  Pick any zombie movie and there you go.  These are the undead, living dead, dead risin.  They died and a virus brought them back and all they think about is eating meat and flesh and the only way to kill them a second time is to destroy the brain where the virus is.

21.  Cujo:  Last but no least we have our lovable St. Bernard turned ravinous killer dog.  He gave many kids a fear of big dogs even though St. Bernard’s are one of the most loving large dogs out there.


29 thoughts on “Horror Movie Villians

  1. Adam S

    Damn dude, awesome list! I am a horror movie freak! There’s too many good ones to mention, but I think Leatherface, Predator and Hanibal Lecter get my vote for top three. You know what would be sweet? You should do an ultimate fighting bracket with all of these guys leading up to halloween — a bracket like in NCAA basketball. Each day a new post, each post one of the bad guys gets knocked off, and a champ on Halloween!

    1. radaronelson Post author

      I am too. I LOVE horror/slasher/gory/scary movies. My dad got me hooked as a kid. Took me to see the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre when i was like 7 or so and I had been hooked ever since. That’s a great idea. I’ll have to figure out how I would exactly do it. Are you saying I decide who wins or take votes or what?

  2. Sex, Spirit, Soul Mates and Chocolate....Ivonne's Journey

    The characters….last guy was a socio-path for sure. And here I was finally ready to walk away from all the drama and trauma when I get a call at 2:00 am from someone which puts me in the postion of having to deal with ex’s shit, who is still lying, coniving and stealing (ideas) from other people and claiming them as his own……….just like the damn zombies who no matter how much you shoot them, stab them or bury damn they rise up from the dead to continue to terrorize…….

    1. radaronelson Post author

      Oh GOD do I know about those type of Exes that just won’t die!!!!!!! LOL You sound like you have the same kind of luck with men as I have had in the past with women. LOL

              1. Sex, Spirit, Soul Mates and Chocolate....Ivonne's Journey

                look up hits and runs….and long ago love…..and the magician….but in turth I really have not written about all the crazy stuff I went through with the last guy…might turn it into a fim , which no one will think is the truth because very hard to believe some of the stuff..even I go wtf—this can’t be true….but sure enough it is…I have been living in my own horror film with my own zombie man..ok I think maybe I’ll do a post on that…



    1. radaronelson Post author

      That is so cool. I wanna be a stand in or an extra on a movie. What I would really love is to be a zombie on the TV show The Walking Dead. That would make my life-time.

  3. nephiriel

    awesome list! i LOVE horror movies… *sigh*
    how great that you brought ‘predator’ and the xenomorph up in this list. i still cringe recalling Arnold Schwarzenegger’s bad BAD english in this movie – makes me want to run and hide! 😀 gawd i looove the alien movies… so amazing. watched the first one being alone at home (12 years old) – and it scared me shitless… after that, i was hooked.
    zombies… always a must. 😀 and samara morgan – have to admit she freaked me out!
    aah, this list is just too damn good… hard to pick favorites!

  4. Tanya Cropley

    very good list Rob love love it, i to love horror movie the only one who i can think of that is missed ( maybe because they are not well known), is the trucker from the movies joy ride. even in my bus i get a semi behind me and even thought i laughed through out the whole movies pt 1 and 2 i still wonder is that rusty nail behind me?


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