Day 78 – A Zombie Apocalypse

We got away but I have a bad feeling we are being followed.  I don’t think the zombie in the suit is willing to give up on us so easily.  It’s been 2 days and we have see a few zombies here and there.  We lost the plane the first day but it flew back over the opposite direction making it’s normal route this morning then back again heading back where it came from this afternoon.  We were at least heading in the right direction.  We must have been close because we could hear it land in the distance.

As we got closer there was a barn with the door open and the plane inside and an old two story house not to far from it maybe 30 yards away and a small vegitable garden with a herd of cattle pinned in on the other side of the barn.  There was a small landing strip for the plane and a barb wire fence around the land which was maybe 10 acres if I had to guess.  We drove up to the front gate and let ourselves in driving up to the house.  Myself and my dad went up to the house leaving everyone else inside.

We were met at the door by a man in his mid 30’s, looking like the crazy pilot from the Max Max movies, head gear and all.  We explained our situation and he offered to let us stay a few days.  Everyone has unloaded and secured themselves inside.  Inside, he introduced us to his wife and kids.  He had a wife who was maybe in her mid 20’s, tit’s like Carmen Electra and a Jamie Priestly ass, way to hot to be with someone looking like him, how they hooked up I’ll never know and apparently he had 2 kids around 10 and 8 from a previous marriage.

I asked what he has been doing with the plane and he explained that to the east there are areas with mass hords of zombies.  He mixed his own insiniery fluid that burns itself out and has basically been crop dusting the hord.  As the liquid hits the ground it ignites, flash burns, then dies out.  Pretty smart I thought.

I explained about the hord I think is following us and how there are some that have gotten smarter and about the one in the suit and offered to let them come along but he doesn’t seem to be willing to accept leaving at the moment.  Maybe an attack will change his mind but I hope it won’t come to that.  Never-the-less, I made sure we had someone on look out every 3 hours, watching from the 2nd story bedroom.  We ate, showered (this guy still had running water, apparently from a well on the land) and everyone settled in for the night.

Rob Nelson

Traveling Vagabond Leader


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