One Of My Many Hiking/Backpacking Trips To Denali National Park




When I lived in Alaska from May 1995 to Nov 2004,  we used to go backpacking every summer.  One place we went to quite often was Denali National Park.  This place was absolutely gorgeous.  Now with that said there were no weapons allowed so all you could take was bear spray which was no big deal because that’s all we ever had anyway.  We have seen blond grizzlies, regular grizzlies, doll sheep, caribuo, foxes, even had a wolf stalk us, you name it we saw it, but that is for another blog.  This particular day we did see bear scat but that was about it.  It was more just a day hiking and having fun.  There were some mountainous areas where we took pictures on top, hanging from the sides you name it.  It was a fun day.

My oldest Kaitlyn, My son Adrien, and my youngest Faith

It was definitely a hot day that day and the river was a nice relief.  Just because it is Alaska don’t think it doesn’t get hot because during the summer it does.  I could talk more but I think the pictures will say more than what I can type.  So take a look at a few more pictures from our hike on this day at Denali National Park.

Me Hiking Up One Of The Mountains In Denali National Park

My Daughters Kaitlyn and Faith


Cooling Off By The River


Cooling Off In The River



Me And The Kids Hiking Up The River



Adrien Playing On The Side Of A Mountain




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