Day 76 – A Zombie Apocalypse

They aren’t your normal zombies anymore.  This zombie in the suit is going to be trouble.  It appears there are different stages of the virus.  There is the initial stage which is your typical mindless zombie going after any sound it hears.  Then there are the ones that have some process skills, they can use weapons and basic skills, then there are the ones that have basic survival instincts, can think but not past a 12 yr old then there is the one in the suit.  He seems to have some sort of higher brain function.  He appears to be able to figure out complex problems, Figure out strategies, and has control over all the other zombies.  Yes, he needs to die, but unfortunately it won’t be today.

They started attacking 2 days ago.  About every 4 hours a wave of the first stage zombies would attack the walls from all sides.  Moaning, clawing, banging at the barrier.  Our look outs in the towers took them out easily but after about 5 attacks, it was starting to tire everyone out.  Then this morning they decided to go for it.  A coordinated attack like I never thought I would see.  The first wave came from the front where there was more open field.  I kept my step son and step daughter on the back look-outs while everyone else was up front.  The stage 1 zombies were the first in, I think to be used as fodder, waste our ammo, there was a second wave of stage 1’s and then the third wave was the stage 2’s, armed with machete’s, hatchets, and bats.  I saw the the zombie in the suit but as I took aim two very large zombies about 250 each, 6’2″ or 6’3″ stepped in front of him as if protecting him.  The wall held up pretty good for the first two waves.  The rotting corpses of the zombies lay across the field, the 3 wave was making better progress, gutting through our barrier.  A fourth wave came up from behind all armed with 9mm and varying rifles.  Then all at once they fired upon us.  My wife’s sister took one to the chest and went down.  The oldest of my younger sisters took a bullet to the gut and another to the arm, unfortunately I could’t get to her.  The barricade started to come down.  I ordered everyone to the vehicles.  We were being over run.  This should have never happened.  How in the hell did they start thinking?  The zombie suit stayed in the back in the entire time.

As we were overun, we loaded up as quickly as possible.  The kid got one other car running which is good, so we had 3 vehicles now.  As we were trying to leave though the dr’s wife was taken down, the skin on her back ripped off, as they pulled her spine out to get to her organs.  After loaded up, we took off out the front barrier, driving over every zombie in our path.  Once in the field, the prop-plane flew over again, so I decided since we are leaving we might as well follow the plane.  A few zombies ran after us but we took them down with a few carefully aimed shots.  The zombie suit just stood watching with his two large zombie bodyguards, then turned and made a motion and the remaining zombies began to form around him as if they were preparing to follow us.

I don’t know how fast they can travel but with the stage 1’s I can’t image very fast, but he can find them anywhere, all I know is we have to keep moving, find where that plane keeps landing and hopefully find someplace with more people and make a final stand.  Ending this we left behind one of my sisters, my wifes sister, and the dr’s wife.  3 more sensless losses.

Rob Nelson

Overthrown Mayor of Lumber Town


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