Forget The Bike! I’m Out Of Here!

Moose (1998) Alaska Office of Economic Development

Moose (1998) Alaska Office of Economic Development (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Many years ago, when I was stationed in Alaska and my kids were not all grown up yet, we had went for a bike ride.  Now just for your information, in Alaska it was nothing to be going down the road or look out your window to your back yard and see a moose or numerous moose.  Moose have this invisible circle around them that is constantly changing, that basically says how close you can get to them before they get upset.  One minute it could be within 2 feet of them and 5 seconds later that could be too close and their invisible circle just grew to 20 feet being too close. 

So back to my story, I want to say it was around the summer of 2002, my oldest daughter was about 10, my son about 8, and my youngest daughter about 5.  We were out away from base at a park riding our bikes.  We had told the kids if they ever came up on a moose to immediately stop, not to startle them or pass them because they could have a baby and if they got between them the mamma moose would get very mad.  They were to immediately turn around and come back to us. 

Well on this particular day, I was riding ahead with my oldest daughter, she got a little ahead of me and I told her to stop.  When I got too her I saw to our right about 30 feet away a big ole moose.  He wasn’t doing anything but standing there eating.  Didn’t seem concerned with us at all.  Now she had seen plenty of moose by this time so, in theory, it should be no big deal for her.  So I pointed out the moose to her and said to be quiet and look.  Well she freaked, jumped off her bicycle and took off running back the way we came to her mother (my ex) and brother and sister.  Leaving me standing there staring at this moose with my bike and now her bike, which I had to somehow figure out to push them both back to the group.

I got back and asked why she left her bike and all she could say was she didn’t know.  Well thanks for thinking of daddy when you took off to save your life….LOL.  I couldn’t help but laugh, though at the time she didn’t find anything funny about it.  We went on with the bike ride, she did ride back by the moose but this time with the group, I guess she figured safety in numbers, and the rest of the day was uneventful.


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