My Blog Challenge


Jackpot247 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I have a personal challenge, which is to attempt to go through each person I follow and that follows me and read every blog they have written.  I may not comment or like every one but this gives me an opportunity to find something I didn’t see before and if I do like it to click like or even comment if I feel so compelled.  I have been doing this since I first started this blog.  I have not gotten through everyone’s entire blog sites but there are several, the early followers and followees that I have accomplished this.  So if you notice one day you see a bunch of likes or comments from me then it just means I made it to your site and I’m actually reading all your blogs you have written.

We all have busy schedules and this isn’t a task everyone is up for but I challenge everyone who follows me to take some time when your on here and start doing this yourself.  Start going through each person you follow or who follows you, to include myself, and read their entire site.  Unless you have been with them from day 1 I guarantee you are missing out on some good stuff.


8 thoughts on “My Blog Challenge

  1. Kitt Crescendo

    Well, I started with yours thanks to your challenge. I’m finding we have a lot in common. I’m gonna try to do this for everyone…because I think you’re right. I’ll find lots of good stuff.


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