Day 72 – A Zombie Apocalypse

It’s been five days since the incident with the zombies.  I have decided to have everyone move our supplies to the vehicles in case we are overrun and we have to leave in a hurry.  The doctor is still working but he has gotten spare supplies and stuff packed so he can continue his work on the road if need be.

We had a couple of soldiers join us a couple days ago.  They came in from the east side of town.  There were 3 of them in a hum-v and they burst into the field flying as fast as they could, moving around to the front of town searching for the opening.  What was disturbing was there were 5 zombies right behind them, running and doing a good job at keeping up.  They took out one zombie, the side of it’s head blown off by the repeated rounds of the soldiers M-16.  Just as he went down though another caught up as they started to swerve and grabbed one solder who was hanging out the passenger side shooting and pulled him out of the vehicle.  He ripped his chest open and began eatting him.  The other 3 were still after the other two soldiers.  One more zombie went down then another went down after his leg was blown off.  They swerved back around and took out both zombies.  About then the last zombie jumped on the back of the hum-v then crawled to the room and proceeded to reach down inside the drivers side trying to grasp the meaty flesh snack that awaited him inside.  Seconds later a shot rang out from camp, it was one of us, it was my wife.  I looked at her then at the hum-v and saw the zombie on top fall to it’s back then roll off onto the ground.

We let the two remaining solders in.  An army corporal Jones and an Air Force Tech Sergeant Beckner.  Since myself and my father have military training they agreed to stay on help do some weapons and first aid training for the rest of the members of our group.  Help better prepare them.

The last few days though, you can hear them out there.  A constant moaning just outside the walls in the woods, just out of site but close enough to know they are there and close.  It seems their numbers are growing and unfortunately by the sounds of the moans, faster than our numbers are.  If I didn’t know any better I’d say the thinker zombie in the suit I saw was building an army to invade us.  God I hope I am wrong.

Rob Nelson

Lumbertown Army Commander


12 thoughts on “Day 72 – A Zombie Apocalypse

        1. radaronelson Post author

          Im working on a zombie novel too. The plan is to turn it into a series. So far I have 4 chapters of book 1 done. That will be something I put out for actual publishing, assuming I find someone who wants to publish it.

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