Dating In The Real World


Couple (Photo credit: George Eastman House)

I don’t know how many times I have seen a list for men or a list for women on dating do’s and dont’s.  A list for things he likes, things that turn her off, and so on and so on.  Honestly, I don’t see how in the world they can get away with publishing these because they aren’t accurate.  I say that because EVERY woman and EVERY man are different.  Yes there will be a large group of us who have the same likes in women or men and the same dislikes as well but over all, every person is different, every person has different things that are major turn-ons for them and major turn-offs for them.  When putting out these so called lists you can’t be so specific with them because chances are while they may be true for some like the handful of people asked for the article it’s not true for everyone.  They need to be more generic, less specific.  So this is my “generic” list for all you single people out there or even for those married and looking, hey I’m not going to exclude you don’t worry.  All these rules apply to both men and women with 2 exceptions, me cause I’m married and I’m not looking, and my wife because she reads this blog and I don’t want to be in trouble LOL.

1.  Be yourself.  Don’t try to be someone your not.  Stop acting and saying what you think they want to hear so they will think your better then what you think you are.  Instead try the honest approach.  If they like you for you, then your chances of lasting are a lot better with them knowing up front then finding out later who you really are.

2.  Get to know each other.  Spend time doing things with each other.  While your doing this use that time to find out more about each other, likes and dislikes.  This will help you in the future if there are future dates.

3.  No games.  Nobody goes out with a person hoping they are going to have to play some sort of a mind game.  “Am I going to get some tonight or is she going to wait till the 2nd date?”  “Damn she kissed me then said goodnight.  Her flirting said something different.  Damn head games.”

4.  Sex.  I don’t care what anyone says sex is important.  When you buy a new car you don’t buy it without test driving it first.  The same goes with relationships.  You shouldn’t marry someone till you have taken them on a test drive.  There is nothing worse then getting married and only to find out after the fact they suck in bed.  (Yes I know, a few people are probably saying I’m going to hell for saying put out on the first date, oh well don’t judge me cause I’m easy)

5.  Show appreciation.  It’s always been expected that the man give the women all the gifts when dating.  I have absolutely no issues with this at all.  We should.  What I’m saying is, ladies, the man your dating might like something from you now and then too, that isn’t for Christmas, his birthday, or Father’s Day.

So that’s my generic list for both men and women.  Enjoy


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