She’s A Teaser And She’ll Tempt You ‘Til You Fall

The Deep: 3 of 8

The Deep: 3 of 8 (Photo credit: Jef Harris)

I don’t know why but tonight I’m in a walk down memory lane mood.  So I thought I would talk about my neighbor’s mother this time.  The neighbor to the right of me, was a girl, about 2 years younger than me and had a big crush on me from what all my friends said.  She was cute but I had my eyes on her mother.  Ohhhh stop before you start, I was a teenager, hormones raging, and she was freaking hot as hell so don’t judge me.  Not to mention you can’t tell me you didn’t have a thing for some adult when you were a teenager, cause we all did.

Well they had a pool in their back yard and one day when I came home I noticed her mother out by the pool in her bathing suit.  So of course I sat behind the curtains in the family room watching her.  Who wouldn’t?  Then the unbelievable happened.  She took her top off.  Can you say instant erection.  I came home every day to see her sunbath topless by her pool, I was in heaven.  Well after about a month of this, one day there is a knock on the door.  I open it and it is her husband.  I was freaked.  He is all pissed off and says he knows I have been watching his wife by the pool and if I didn’t stop he was going to tell my parents.  Now I’m thinking the only way you could know is if she knew and told you because your always at work.  SO if she knew and she was still doing it, then she was doing that shit on purpose and wanted me to see. 

It was at that moment I realized this woman was a tease.  She enjoyed the attention that she was apparently not getting at home because within a month, they were divorced and he was gone.  Now I don’t know why she would tell him, maybe to make him jealous, maybe she thought it was cute or funny that this 16 yr old boy was getting off watching her sunbath topless and thought he would too but instead he got mad, I don’t know.  What I do know is she solidified in me that there is something vibrant and sexy about older women and like the crush I had on my 2nd grade teacher, she was definitely every teenagers dream. 

I know better than to say a woman’s age and my wife doesn’t like it when I say I’m younger but in this instance I mean it with all due affection when I say now that I am finally married to someone older than me, I can say all those childhood fantasies are being fullfiled every day.  I married a MILF and she is my MIAF (A = am).  Granted it’s a little hard to keep up sometimes, her engine runs nonstop but I am NOT complaining one bit.


9 thoughts on “She’s A Teaser And She’ll Tempt You ‘Til You Fall

    1. radaronelson Post author

      Glad you enjoyed it. I had an eventful youth. Not as eventful as I would had liked but evenful none the less. Maybe if I was a little less shy back then, a little more eventful things would have happened.


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