Psycho Chick Magnet

Crazy Lady

Crazy Lady (Photo credit: OrangeCounty_Girl)


One thing I have noticed over the years is that I am apparently a Psycho Chick Magnet.  I don’t know if it’s the sex, my personality, or both that makes them go insane but they do.  My first clue should have been early on when I was around 13 but I honestly didn’t get it until my mid 30’s.  What happened was my good friend who had lived beside me since I was 5 had moved and this girl and her family moved in.  Her bedroom was across from mine.  Now before the real problem started earlier that day I was outside.  She saw me and told me to come in and opened the screen to her window and I crawled in.  I remember she had blue walls but other than that it was a typical girls room.  We talked and after about 15 mins I crawled back out and left.  No big deal right? HA!  The next day I’m walking to the bus stop and she is out there already talking to everyone and everyone gets quiet.  I ask what’s up and she says “someone climbed in my window last night while I was sleeping and fucked me and for a long time because now I can barely walk.”  I’m ike ‘What?”  I’m thinking this makes no sense.  She continues “Was it you?”  “Um No it wasn’t me” she said “I think it was cause you knew how to get my screen off to my bedroom.”  Now I’m thinking if it were me you DAMN sure would NOT have slept through it and the fact that she was flaunting it like “hey I got laid” If I were smart I would have just went with it and later said since your going to accuse me we might as well do it for real but I didn’t think about that and all I could do is deny it.  This was my first experience with being falsely accused by a woman of doing something in a sexual nature that I did NOT do.

Go forward a couple years, it was the summer before I started 10th grade, I was living with my dad and she lived in the apartment below us.  We dated over the summer and when her dad was at work and my dad was at work we would go to her apartment and make out.  Well after summer was over, I broke up with her.  I figured, this is 10th grade, a new school for me, I don’t know anyone, and I want to keep my options open and I can’t do that if I’m dating someone.  Okay here comes encounter with Psycho Stalker Chick.  This girl literally followed me from class to class to class begging me to take her back.  Asking why I broke up.  Saying she doesn’t understand.  What did she do wrong.  I spelled it out and said she did nothing wrong I just wanted to date around but she didn’t get it.  This went on until the very last day of school.  She would even come into my classes while I’m talking to other girls and ask why I broke up with her and if I would give her another chance.  Especially in art class when I’m hitting on a couple chicks in there.  She ruined my chances with them with a quickness.  No one wanted to be with someone who’s ex was going to be following them constantly.

Moving on, I start dating this girl my senior year, she was a junior and eventually after I joined the Air Force we got married.  A lot of things happened that set off the alarms but after 15 yrs of marriage and 2 yrs dating I asked for a divorce.  I was tired of being controled like some human puppet.  For 2 weeks she was all “I’m sorry, I’ll change, forgive me, etc etc.” then the day I move out, something snapped.  A wire broke.  The copper unthreaded.  She became a mean, meniacal, evil bitch.  I started talking to some women AFTER we separated and she was saying I was cheating on her and listed the 5 women.  Now I know I’m well endowed but I’m not so big my dick can reach from Virginia to Texas so there was no way that was happening.  All the women were in Texas and they were just on-line friends.  One my current wife.  She would hire a private investigator to follow me when I would fly out to Texas, forgetting we are separated and I am legally allowed to see other people.  To this day she has done everything imaginable to make my life a living hell and she has been successful.

During this time I deployed to fight the war on terror.  There was this girl who apparently decided she no longer wanted to fight and was willing to do whatever she could to be sent home.  So she decided to lie and say I sexually harrassed her.  Now, if you want to leave the war that’s your problem but you don’t lie and ruin someone elses career to do it.  So I called her out on it.  I let the legal office know all about how she had talked to me and another guy about having a 3-some with another chick and guy and how she asked if we wanted to see her clit ring and how she once masturbated with one of those large heavy duty mag flashlights.  Needless to say her little plan back fired on her.  She later tried to OD on motrin and was sent to a mental hospital in Germany.  My second experience with being falsely accused of something sexual in nature that I didn’t do or say.

Finally there is the whore.  There is a reason I call her this, which I will get too.  So I’m seeing her and eventually she starts wanting to talk on the phone less and less. Now she lives in Texas and I in Virginia.  It’s a long distance relationship.  I figure something is up and I just had this feeling I needed to check the dating sites, so I do.  After going through tons of them I figure one last one and if she isn’t there then I’m being paranoid.  Well what do I see but her newly created profile.  I told her delete it or we are done.  3 weeks later she finally deletes it then within a month I broke up with her and in the process she raped my bank account.  I had about $200 worth of very expensive clothes at her place which for some reason she never mailed back to me.  Then over the course of the next year and a half, periodically she would send me a message on yahoo chat or facebook or where ever wanting to talk or be my friend.  After blocking her and saying leave me alone you would think she would have gotten the picture but she would not give up.  I finally got her blocked from everything I used and haven’t heard from her since.

I am now married to a wonderful wife.  She is easy to anger sometimes but at least she hasn’t gone psycho on me like these other women.  We’ll see what happens if she ever decides to leave LMAO.  Seriously, we will be together forever so luckily I won’t have to find out if she will go psycho if we split or not.

In conclusion, I think it is safe to say, I do not have a good track record with women, and this isn’t even all of them, just the really psycho ones.  Why do I attract them?  I have no idea.  Hopefully that chain has finally been broken though.


11 thoughts on “Psycho Chick Magnet

  1. Kitt Crescendo

    Though I’ve had my share of crazy…it’s never been to the extent of yours…thank goodness. (And who the eff tries to OD on Motrin? Well, I shouldn’t laugh…a girl I knew in Jr High tried to OD on Advil…but again..that was Jr High! Doesn’t say much for intelligence…)


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