Day 67 – A Zombie Apocalypse

The Doc has made himself home in the towns doctor’s office.  He has gotten back to work on his vaccine/cure.  I have someone posted with him, swapping out every couple hours.  We have 2 look-outs up and someone posted on each of them.  Everyone is taking shifts, rotating out every 4 hours, those who have the midnight shift get their sleep during the day.  Right now we have one in the front right hand corner of the barricade and one in the back right hand corner of the barricade.  In the next few days we should have look outs in the other two corners and one on each side.  It will mean we will have to pull longer shifts until more people stumble upon us and can help out but safety is our up most priority.  I have had them create 3 inch slits in the barrier so we can see the zombies and shoot as well.

The prop plane flew over again but we couldn’t follow it this time.  Right about then we were attacked.  There were about 30 of them coming at us from the front.  It was strange though.  A little disturbing.  There was one, a male, his left arm gone, wearing a suit and tie, by looks of him he was a lawyer or something that required a suit everyday for work.  He just stood about 30 feet from the barricade watching.  Staring.  Looking from one end of the barricade to the other, with this confused look on his face like he was trying to figure things out. 

Another zombie, muscular guy about 6 ft, half his neck was gone, blood down his apron, missing one shoe, was carrying a meat cleaver in his hand.  I can only assume he was a butcher before.  He began to try and cut away at our barricade with the cleaver like he knew if the knife could cut a hole big enough for him to reach in and start tearing away at the barricade or something.  I quickly blew a hole threw is head before he did any real damage.  There was another one, a woman, her scalp had been ripped off and one eye hanging down by her cheek who was using the the slit in the wall to put her feet in and try and climb up and over the wall.  My cousin blew her legs off then shot her in the face after she fell; what was left of her brains splatterred across the ground.

When it appeared the zombies were going to lose and we had almost killed them all the one zombie standing in the field turned and walked off into the woods, pausing at the tree line, looking back at us.  I had this feeling go up my spine, the kind when you feel it you say someone just walked on my grave.  Then he turned and disappeared into the woods.  I don’t like this.  If they are starting to regain the ability to think and figure things out, they can very well become harder to kill.

We took the zombie bodies, loaded them in a truck bed and drove them away from the town, made a pile and burned them.  I fear what is yet to come.

Rob Nelson

Concerned Protector


9 thoughts on “Day 67 – A Zombie Apocalypse

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