As I Look Back I Have To Laugh

Hole in attic

Hole in attic (Photo credit: nouveaustar)

Have you ever had something happen in your life where at that particular moment you thought, it was the worst thing ever but later on as you look back all you can do is laugh?  Hopefully we all have at least one of those moments.  The ability to laugh at ourselves or laugh at life is what helps us get through each day.  Keeps us motivated to know that though at the time things may seem bad but in reality it’s not as bad as it appears and we will make it through.

I have had several of those moments in my life.  The first was when I was a teenager, around 11th grade, 15 or so.  I had a bunch of stuff stored up in the attic above the garage.  The garage was not an enclosed garage so you just drove up under the overhang which was part of the roof.  The garage and driveway were concrete.  So I climbed up, looking around at all my old toys I had when I was younger that I didn’t play with anymore like my Howdie Doodie Doll with the pull string, Star Wars figures, and G.I. Joe figures, etc.  After awhile of the trip down memory lane, I decided to head back down.  I was crossing from beam to beam when my foot slipped of the beam on to the the flooring of the roof.  Well you can’t walk on the flooring because it didn’t have the strength to support you.  So I end up falling onto my back and through the roof.  Down about 15 feet, landing on my back, my spine landing on the edge of the concrete of the garage.

I could feel the grass in my right hand.  The pain shooting through my back and my head.  But even though in pain, that was not what I was thinking about.  All I could think about, while lying on my back on the edge of that concrete garage, looking up at the attic and the hole the size of my 5′ 8″ frame was “My dad is going to kill me when he see’s that.”  and “I wander if I can lie about what happened?  Hmmm No there’s not a damn lie I can tell that he is going to believe, I guess I’ll tell the truth.” and so I did.  Luckily I didn’t get in trouble.  Like a good father he was more concerned about if I was hurt or not and said the hole was an easy fix.  Being that he does construction and now owns his own business, I guess it would have been.

Looking back, I can honestly say that is just one of those times that at the moment scared the crap out of me but now all I can do is laugh because instead of being worried if I broke my back or would ever walk again, I worried about what I would tell my dad about the whole in the attic above the garage when he got home.


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