In The Ghetto

My Ghetto

My Ghetto (Photo credit: Nick Sherman)

I am so ready to move.  I wish I had the money I would break my lease and move this week.  Unfortunately I can’t so I have to continue to put up with living in the Ghetto.  My neighbors apartment, someone tried to break into.  A few months back someone went through and stole all the valve stem caps off everyone’s tires in the parking lot.  The fire department and police are at the apartments, literally, every night.  Kids are beat up, people are robbed, and the apartments are infested with roaches.

Today these kids on the playground, ages 8 to 11 were playing house or something and the boy yells “GIVE ME 3 SANDWICHES BITCHES OR I’LL BEAT YOUR ASSES!”  REALLY?  That’s how you play?  That’s how you talk?  Your mother must be so proud of your ever expanding vocabulary and how you apparently think females are to be treated.  It’s disgusting.  But that’s not all, noooooooo.  I work 12 hour mid shifts.  6pm to 6am.  I get home around 6:30am.  Today as well, as I was getting in my car to leave, I back out and hear this loud pop.  I stop and get out, and someone put a glass corona bottle under my tire for me to run over.  Glass was everywhere.  I spent 20 mins picking glass out of my tire hoping I don’t have a hole somewhere.  I guess when I go to leave in the morning and it’s flat I’ll know.

It truly amazes me how low people let their children behave and will behave themselves and think there is nothing wrong with it.  Because children cussing, robbing people, and stealing other peoples personal property is just so funny and cool….not.

Okay I’m done venting about the ghetto….for now anyway.


5 thoughts on “In The Ghetto

  1. Shannygirl

    Technically it was “Get me 4 Fucking Sandwiches”… he looked guilty as hell when he saw me watching him.. he got up and moved to the other side where he thought I couldn’t see him. They destroyed that playground today.. trash is everywhere.

    1. radaronelson Post author

      I agree unfortunately not today and not where I live. If I wasn’t forced to pay out to my ex $2500 a month we wouldn’t be living here we would be somewhere nicer.


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