Halloween Movie Marathon Week

Humorous tombstones in front of a house in nor...

Humorous tombstones in front of a house in northern California. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


If your like me, with Halloween approaching you want to break out the scary movies and have a Halloween Movie Marathon.  Well, honestly that just can’t be done in one day.  There a just too many movies to watch for Halloween, plus with Halloween being on a Wednesday this year, most of us adults have to work.  So I recommend a Halloween Movie Marathon Week and below are my recommended movies for Halloween.

1.  Halloween (original and remake)  You have to see Mike Myers on Halloween

2.  Friday the 13th (original and remake)

3.  A Nightmare on Elmstreet (orignial and remake)

4.  The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (original and remake along with the prequel that was made after the remake)

5.  All the Saw movies

6.  Jeepers Creepers

7.  The Exorcism of Emily Rose

8.  The Exorcist

9.  Poltergeist

10.  Psycho

11.  The Omen (what is Halloween without the antichrist)

12.  Dawn of the Dead (got to have zombies on Halloween)

13.  Land of the Dead

14.  Survival of the Dead

15.  28 Days Later

16.  28 Weeks Later

18.  The Underworld Series (got to have werewolves and vampires on Halloween)

19.  An American Werewolf In London

20.  An American Werewolf In Paris

21.  The Hand

22.  A Haunting In Connecticut

23.  An American Haunting

24.  The Uninvited

25.  The Amityville Horror


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