I Warned You About My Driving

English: Ruwi, Muscat, Oman

English: Ruwi, Muscat, Oman (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After 9-11 happened I deployed for 6-months in support of the war against terror.  For the longest time we were confined to base.  Eventually they deemed it safe for us to go downtown but to do so they needed people trained to drive in the area.  Well I got picked as one of those drivers.  I told them they did not want me to do this.  I didn’t know the area and don’t do well driving in an area I don’t know and will most likely scare the shit out of everyone in the car.  Well they didn’t believe me.  Apparently they thought I was just overreacting.  So I went through the training on how to spot being followed, avoiding roadblocks, being blocked in by multiple cars, varying my route, searching the car for bombs before getting in, and all that stuff.

Then one day it’s time for me to drive a group of people I work with downtown for some R&R.  We head out and at one point we run into a herd of cattle.  Right in the middle of the road.  I had  to do 2 miles an hour driving in and out trying not to hit them till I got to one cow standing in the middle starring straight at me, unmoving.  I inched forward hoping to scare it out of the way but it would not move.  Finally I had to drive off the road into the sand, around the cow and back up onto the road.  We keep going and we come to an area with a little rocky mountain and the road curves around to the right.  As I come around, what is in the middle of the road?  A herd of freaking camels.  Camels.  Never had I ever imagined that I would be driving down the road and run into a herd of Camels.  Again, I have to slow down to 2 miles an hour and drive through this herd of Camels trying to scare them out of the road so I can get through.

Camels in the Road

Camels in the Road (Photo credit: wwarby)

We make it through and we keep going.  Now this is a 2 hour drive approximately.  We drive some more and come upon more camels but this time they are on the side of the road not in the middle so I just keep going.  I hit another curve around a rocky type mountain and again a herd of Camels in the road.  My lord how many Camels are in this place?  I make it through and we finally make it to town.  I park, we get out, and walk around visiting the stores.  Once done we head to the hotel by the ocean which had a bar and pool!!!!!  Problem, there is a round-a-bout.  I had never driven in a round-a-bout before in my entire life.  I will tell you not only did I scare myself I scared the shit out of everyone in the car trying to figure out how to manuever in that thing and how to get in the right lane to get off at the right road which was no easy task.

We make it to the hotel, have our fun, then leave and hit that round-a-bout again.  Again I scare the shit out of everyone.  We finally make it back to tent city and everyone jumps out of the car.  We stop in the command tent and the commander asks how the trip was.  Everyone says in unision, “Do not let Rob drive again!”  See, I warned you about my driving.  No one listened.  Needless to say, I never drove downtown again.  After that I was the passenger.


Camel (Photo credit: @Doug88888)


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