Day 60 – A Zombie Apocalypse

So we went back last night.  Myself, my dad, my brother in-law, cousin, and Jane, the fireman lady went while everyone else stayed back in case any had decided to do the same to us and attack while they thought we were asleep.  We got there and there was only one guy outside.  A small skinny man, looked like he hadn’t bathed in a month.  Jane took her knife and snuck up behind him slitting his throat before he could ever make a sound.  We slowly opened the cabin door and moved in one by one.  There was one man asleep on the couch, Jane quickly dispatched of him the same way she did the man outside.  We split up and started looking through rooms.  My dad was about to enter a room when a large man about 320 -330 lbs walked out of the bathroom.  He just looked at him with a confused look then dad shot, blowing a hole through his forehead.  The floor shook as he fell. 

It was about that same time I opened the door to another room at the other side of the cabin to see one of the men lying on his back and one of the women riding him.  She stopped and screamed, he immediately went for his gun by his bed.  Before I knew what I was doing I was blowing holes into both of them.  The shot twisting the lady around as she fell onto her back beside the man, her large breast covered in blood.  I picked up his gun and ran out.  About that time another man medium build came out of the room down the hall shooting.  Dad ducked into the bathroom.  My brother in-law started shooting back as they both put holes into each other.  My cousin found the baby in the bedroom.  Another lady was trying to climb out the window with it.  He grabbed the baby and pushed her out.  Apparently the other woman had already climbed out.  It was about then I realized when I counted the night before there were still 2 men unaccounted for.  That must mean they went into town.

About then we heard a scream and a lot of moans.  Dad and my cousin grabbed my brother in-law and we headed out.  There were 3 imancipated zombies eating the first woman who got away and the second was just being overtaken by another male zombie and a girl roughly 14 yrs old.  I shot the man hanging in the tree putting him out of his misery and we began to fire at the zombies as we made our way back to the trail and to town.

As we got back we realized the other two men had indeed came looking for us.  One was dead in the street and the other dead by our car in front of the opening to the firestation.  Unfortunately they weren’t the only casualties.  They got my wife’s youngest nephew and my cousins son.

We buried the three bodies in the town cemetary.  No one is talking.  My wife has taken the baby and seems to be mothering it and taking care of it as if it were her own.  I have my doubts though if this baby will make it as small as it is and in this world of zombies.

Rob Nelson

Defeated Shell Of  A Man


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