Day 58 – A Zombie Apocalypse

Myself, my dad, and my brother in-law went out to see if we could hunt down the killers today.  We found a trail on the back side of town that was well hidden and appeared to be used a lot and recently.  We decided to follow it and see where it took us.  About a half a mile in we ran into 2 zombies.  One male, wearing a lumberjacks clothing and boots.  The sleaves torn, his ear gone.  There was a black ooze coming from his head and mouth that can only be the uncirculated blood.  The other was a female, maybe in her mid 20’s, wearing those skimpy, tight shorts, belly button ring, and a tank top that stopped just below the breast.  Her left side was missing, esposing her bones and insides.  Her right cheak was torn from her face as well.  We used our bats to dispose of them, smashing thier rotting heads to a pulp.  A gun would have only alerted our prey that we were out there looking for.

We went on another mile, winding through the woods when we heard talking.  As we got closer, hiding in the brush, we saw a cabin.  There were 4 men and 2 women outside and I could see at least another woman and 2 other men walking in front of the window from inside but I’m not sure I think there may be more.  They had 4 zombies in a fenced area and some poor soul hanging from a tree in the middle.  His waste and legs were in reach of the zombies but the rest was out of reach.  This I could tell was intentional to make him suffer as the zombes slowly ate away at the lower half of his body.  All of the flesh was gone from his legs and he appeared to be passed out from the shock but still alive from the heaving of his chest.  Now that we had an idea of who we were up against, we needed a plan of attack, so we decided to head back, gather a few more people and come up with a plan of attack.  We will hit them tomorrow night just after midnight when hopefully most of them will be asleep.  We will of course look to see if the baby is alive or not but I am not holding my breath since it was only 5 – 6 months premature when they cut it from her mothers womb.

Rob Nelson

Lynch Mob Leader


6 thoughts on “Day 58 – A Zombie Apocalypse

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