Day 57 – A Zombie Apocalypse

We had to take a pause in the work today.  Apparently all the banging brought in the neighboring zombies that were close enough to hear.  There were about 13 of them.  They came out of the woods on both sides and attacked from the front of the town.  Luckily that was where we started the barricade so it worked in stopping them.  We were able to pick them off pretty easy.  When we get the barricade totally done around the town we need to look into making look out towers.  Wait!  I just heard a shot from in town.  Another one.

I went to investigate the shots.  My god it was horrible.  My wife’s brother took down two zombies in one of the homes but we lost the pregnant girl.  They were eating her but they didn’t kill her.  Someone else did and unfortunately they were gone before we got there.  The poor girl was nailed to a wall with a gag in her mouth.  Her belly was sliced open and the baby was gone.  I didn’t see it anywhere among her insides on the floor so I can only assume whoever did this to her took the baby.  She was only 3 -4 months pregnant.  There is no way that baby is going to survive or did survive.  I can’t imagine what they wanted with it unless they thought she was further along then what she really was.

We are going to have to be on higher alert now.  The zombies aren’t our only threat here it seams.  They are burying her in the town graveyard.  I’m heading over to say a few words over her.  I think we are going to increase our group size to 4 for those going through the town and limit the groups to 2 groups at a time.  We need to find some extra vehicles that work that we can use to drive around town in instead of walking to make things somewhat safer.

Rob Nelson

New Funeral Director and Preacher For The Day


8 thoughts on “Day 57 – A Zombie Apocalypse

  1. jessmittens

    This is an awesome idea! And nice post, in a manner of speaking…
    I now want to know what will happen with the baby, if you’ll find out what happened that is…

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