I Wanted To Be A Rockstar And A Painter And A Model….

Pink Floyd Experience

When I was a teenager, I had a dream.  I was going to retire from the Air Force, then join a band and become famous with lots of groupies and sell my paintings on the side.  This dream drove me to learn the saxophone after hearing the saxophonist from Pink Floyd, who I believe to be one of the greatest out there, and learning to play the electric guitar.  At the time I had a natural talent for drawing and painting as well and painted 3 paintings.  One for my grandmother, one for my mother, and one for my mother’s boyfriend at the time.  After my grandparents passed I got their painting back and my mom has said I will get her painting back one day too.  The third I will never see again.  Sometime after they broke up she saw him and asked him if he was willing to give it up be he said no, he loved it too much and it meant to much to him….oh well I guess 2 out of 3 isn’t bad.  Unfortunately I didn’t nurture these talents and skills and after joining the Air Force other than a few years of drawing, I stopped painting, drawing, and playing.  I still have my guitar and I strum it now and then trying to re-teach myself.  But I am retired now and I fear those dreams are long past. 

During that time, I started considering doing some modeling for magazines and such, I had the body but over the past couple years, with a bum knee and difficulty exercising that dream has disappeared too, though I am trying to re-motivate myself to get back into shape.  I have changed my diet over the past couple months.  I just have to motivate myself to do some exercises that will help lose the weight and not cause so much pain in my knees.

Since meeting my current wife, I found that I had another talent.  Writing poetry and stories.  I have posted several poems on my blog here as well as an on-going short story I have going on the zombie apocalypse.  But the big project I have going which I haven’t work on for a couple months is my novel.  I’m up to chapter 4, and I have tons of ideas I’m constantly writing down for the book.  This is something I truly want to finish and get published.  My intention is for this to not just be a book but an on-going series, I only hope I can actually succeed.

So, even though you don’t always fulfill your dreams you had as a kid doesn’t mean you’re either too old to fulfill them now or that you can’t have new dreams to follow.  Just pick a direction and start running, you will eventually complete your dream if you truly want to.


21 thoughts on “I Wanted To Be A Rockstar And A Painter And A Model….

            1. radaronelson Post author

              I’ve been toying with the idea. I’m writing a separate zombie novel with a similar theme that I’m planning to make a series out of. I’m on chapter 4. But I have thought about seeing how far this one goes and maybe putting it all together as a short story depending on how long I run the story and try and publish it or at least publish it through Amazon for Kendle at a minimum. Maybe Rob’s Diary of a Zombie Apocalypse or something.

                1. radaronelson Post author

                  Awesome. Thank you. I’ll definitely let you know. When I get closer to finishing my other book I may post an excert from it for everyone. But I’m months away from that right now.

        1. radaronelson Post author

          I know what you mean. I’m trying to restart my life now, have been for 6 years but it’s been a little difficult. But I’m holding out hope things will eventually work out.

          1. Amy

            It sounds like you at least have a good family. I lost mine a long time ago. Hope to find someone one day with a ready-built one. Look forward to reading more! Have a good day! I am hoping to rest before I have to work tonight. Wooohooo!

            1. radaronelson Post author

              I do. I miss my kids though, I only see them during the summer and alternate holidays. They live with their mother. It’s been very hard on me and my wife and step kids cause my ex has caused so much problems for us and keeps getting more and more money out of us that we can’t support ourselves. On top of my contract ending at the end of the year and I have been unable to find a new job which is only going to make things worse. I look forward to reading more of yours too. I’m headed to bed myself I have another 12 hr mid shift tonight as well.


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