And My Privates Said…..


Penis (Photo credit: Trois Têtes (TT))

Far too often I have heard that all men do is think with their penises.  Obviously this phrase was started by a woman as are most jokes about the male appendage.  Though, personally I think women think with their vagina a whole lot more than they like to admit, at least everyone but my ex anyway.  I believe this comes from the fact that men are always talking about sex, flirting, or trying to hook up.  Well guess what?  Women do the exact same things.  Women don’t have different needs or wants they just have the ability to make themselves look like the good ones better than men do.

Honestly though, think about it.  Our private parts don’t have brains, they can’t think.  We aren’t walking around and with our penise or vagina making daily decisions for us.  My penis isn’t saying “Boy a coke would taste good right now.” or “Damn she’s hot you should talk to her and see if she likes snakes.” or “Hey, why is it so dark in here?  And wet?!?”  Sorry it doesn’t happen just like a woman’s vagina isn’t there saying “Hey I’m getting hungry, can I have something to eat?” or “I thought we were going to have sex, not clean me out with a q-tip.”

The physical, intellectual, and emotional attachment men and women have with a potential partner is what drives them.  It’s what makes them flirt, say crazy or sexually explicit things.  This does not excuse harassment now don’t confuse what I’m saying.  Pheromones are released and both men and women can not help but to react accordingly to those pheromones.  So remember they aren’t thinking with their crotches they are just attracted to the individual in some way and they brain is pushing them to act accordingly.


8 thoughts on “And My Privates Said…..

  1. Shannygirl

    I have to disagree.. you men lose your damn minds when a hot chick walks into a room and God forbid she shows you attention… your dicks get to stirring and becoming hard and all you can think of is how to make that hard thing go away… and the only way is to put it in her!

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