Happy 18th Birthday Mini-Me

Adrien Nelson Summer 2012

Sunday, 30 Sep, is my son’s 18th Birthday.  I would do this post then but I will be working and won’t have access to the photos so I figured I would do it now.  I wanted to talk a little about my son being this is a special birthday.  18 is a big deal in a teenagers life.  It means you are now considered an adult yet not adult enough to drink LOL.  My son is literally my mini-me.  Have you seen the pictures of Michael J. Fox’s oldest son?  How he looks exactly like he did when he played on Family Ties?  Well that’s my son.  I have had people see photos of him and thought they were photos of me in high school.  Not only does he look like me, he sounds like me, thinks like me, has the same sense of humor, same likes in music with a few exceptions by the shirt he is wearing in the photo, same taste in movies, you name it he is me made over.  He even has my intelligence though I will go so far as to say he is way smarter than me….genious level.

This is a boy who graduated 8th grade valedictorion and with a college scholorship, who ended 11th grade with 2 scholorships, ranked top in his class and highest GPA at 4.37.  He is now a senior and appling for MIT and Yale.  I honestly can not be more proud of my son than I am now.  It is physically impossible.  The great thing is I can talk to him like a father and like a friend.  I miss him very much and have every day since I began divorce procedings in Jul 2006 but whenever I have him for visitation, every minute makes up for it.  He actually reminds me of my father in a lot of ways.  This boy can do anything he sets his mind too.  He wants to learn something and doesn’t know how, he buys it, and teaches himself.  He taught himself the Bass guitar, taught himself the drums, and now he is teaching himself the Sitar.  On top of that he kicks my ass at any computer game we play against each other every time.  BUT he has only beat me once at chess, I still hold that title and let me tell you he is a chess master.  He was even on a chess team once.  He did soccer for years, Tae Kwon Do, and now cross country.

Adrien As A Baby

In the above picture he was 9 months old.  He was always such a handsome boy.  I love all my kids equally so please don’t take this blog to say I don’t.  I’m just highlighting him like I did my oldest when she got her associates degree.  I will say he is special.  He is my son, he is from me.  I know with the intelligence, drive, and determination that he has, everyone will know his name someday.  He is going to be someone great, someone in the history books.  He will change this world and for the better, he already started the day he was born, I know he changed my life, so just wait because one day I guarantee you he will change yours as well.

Happy 18th Birthday Adrien,

I hope you have a wonderful day, I’m sorry I can’t spend it with you.

Love Dad


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