Learning Teams Are For The Birds


Graduation Congrats

Graduation Congrats (Photo credit: WELS.net)

Okay so I have been working on my Bachelors Degree in Information Technology, Business Systems Analysis and I have been doing it on-line.  Yes I might have waited a little late in life to decide to do this but better to do it now then not do it at all.  First let me say getting my degree on-line is way better than having to sit in a classroom.  I can log in whenever is convienent for me, I have deadlines to do my assignments but I can do them whenever I have the time to do them as long as I get them in by the deadline.  I don’t have to adjust my home and work schedule around it either.

The downside to getting your Bachelors Degree are the Learning Teams.  Every class has a Learning Team.  So you have these class questions that you have to answer and then comment on your classmates answers throughout the week, then you have your individual assingments, and then there is the Learning Team assignment or group assingment.  Every person is assigned to a Learning Team so there are about 4 to 6 people in each group depending on the size of the class.

Here is my issue with these Learning Teams.  You are dependant on others to complete the group assignment and they are dependant on you.  Which means you may not be able to do your part till someone else in the group does theirs and they may not turn in their stuff until the day the assignment is due which now puts everyone else in a bind.  Also you may have an emergency and be unable to work on your part until the day before it is due which now puts everyone else in the group in a bind.  There are also issues with personality conflicts, people not participating at all and people doing poor work or not knowing what to do at all.  I find I prefer much more to work alone, only be dependant on myself, be free to work on it when I have the time and turn it in when I can with no worries that someone else is waiting on me.

So I say they need to get rid of the Learning Teams.  You can teach working with a group on the job if they are working in a place that requires working with a group, not in school where your grade depends on how well someone else performs.


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