Day 44 – The Zombie Apocalypse

We decided to look for somewhere we can make into a safe haven.  We figured somewhere in the mountains would be good.  Harder for them to climb and in the winter hopefully the cold will slow them down enough that they will freeze and we can take scouting parties out and kill any around with no troubles.

So we left yesterday, unfortunately we lost more people from our group.  As we left my cousins house to get to the vehicles a swarm of them attacked.  The lady who lost her daughter went down as well as the grandmother of the pregnant girl.  The rest of us made it to the vehicles and we got away.  Unfortunately, we stopped at a police station outside Macon Georgia to look for guns and ammo and more zombies attacked.  My cousin’s wife was torn apart, her stomach and intestines ripped from her body and her flesh pulled from her face as they feasted on her body.  Another loss, a great loss to me personally, my oldest daughter was bitten.  Her boyfriend got her away and took down 6 of the zombies before he was cornered.  There was no helping him.

We have her in the armored car, but it’s only a matter of time I know before she changes and I know I will have to put her down.  No father should have to ever go through this.  We stopped just outside the rockies off a back road.  We found an abandoned house off by itself and set up inside.  We have 2 guards one in the living room and one in the back bedroom, switching every 2 hours so everyone gets sleep.  My daughter has been quarantined and tied  up to protect everyone else in case she turns in the night.


Depressed Father


18 thoughts on “Day 44 – The Zombie Apocalypse

            1. radaronelson Post author

              Or the baby absorbs the infection and she stays normal but not the baby or the both turn like in dawn of the dead. We will see in a few days. I never said she was impregnated though so that would be another surprise if she were.

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